So much for being different

One thing I should have learned by now is never to have any kind of expectations set when it comes to my children.
Somehow, someway, they will always go against what you think they’re going to do or how they’re going to act.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE told me to expect my kids to be polar opposites. Personality, size, temperament.. I bought it all hook line and sinker. It seemed safe to trust, since it wasn’t just one or two random ‘know it all’ moms giving me such sage words of wisdom- but every single person I know with two kids.

Holden was a high needs baby? Parker will be laid back! Holden was huge? Parker will be petite! Holden had reflux? No way can you have two reflux babies! Parker will be a piece of cake!

Lies & Blasphemy!

They are more alike than I ever could have even imagined. Almost weirdly so.
Reflux? Check.
Projectile spitup? Check.
High needs? Check.
Growing at a fast rate? Check.

And if we want to get specific about it, since those are pretty broad- Holden always tried to sleep on the right side of his head, causing a flat spot. No matter how much I tried to rotate him once I noticed that his head was becoming funny shaped, he still attempted to sleep on the right side.
Parker too has an obsession with sleeping on the right side of his head. He’s too young to have developed a flat spot just yet, but damn if he isn’t trying.

Both kids have a crease in the center of their bottom lips and lines across the centers of the bottom of their big toes.

While I still disagree that they look identical, they most definitely ACT identical- and I am not pleased by that at all.
Holden was a ridiculously difficult baby, I certainly didn’t think i’d get another one of those plopped in my lap. Seems to throw of the cosmic balance of the universe- the scales are tipping heavily towards shit-sandwich.

Hell, so far the only thing that’s different about them so far is their smiles.

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