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Since Parker was a total and complete surprise, I had zero chance to plan when he was conceived (even remotely, as I know getting pregnant can take time)- which means no say in when he was born. The month a baby is born in can have a lot of significance. Not just for zodiac signs if you’re in to all of that.. or to avoid being a roving landbeast during the hottest months of the year, although that’s important too..
Careful planning and preparation should go into completely avoiding giving birth RIGHT before the holiday season. Trust me, you don’t want to be trying to lose weight when you’re surrounded by an assortment of starches, carbs, and baked goods.

I’ve done it once before, it is not fun. During the holidays, it’s tradition to stuff your face like a pig. Some people might not care and would just pack on the holiday pounds without a second thought.. but for a woman who has just recently given birth- feeling even tubbier than she is already feeling is just not an appealing option.

TWO September babies. I mean, as if one wasn’t enough. One holiday season of self loathing and trying to restrain myself.. now to have to do it AGAIN when i’m feeling even more disgusting?
It’s just not right.

Giving birth at the end of September.. right into Halloween, and then right into Thanksgiving, then Christmas.. and if all of that weren’t bad enough- January is my birthday. And my birthday means cookie cake, because a birthday just isn’t a birthday without some cookie cake.

My self restrain is pretty decent when it comes to any normal day. I’m doing pretty fabulous on the Special K diet thus far. No cheating.. drinking water, exercising.. all that good healthy fun-
but the HOLIDAYS? You can not ask me to skimp on the holidays. Not that I particularly like the holiday season.. but the food is exempt from that hatred.

Turkey.. mashed potatoes with gravy.. pumpkin pie.. YES PLEASE!
I might have to chain myself to my table at home, which is always barren of food and skip the holidays altogether this year.

Do yourselves a favor and be pregnant during the holidays so you have every reason to eat like you’re giving birth to a 250 pound linebacker.

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  • Aww i totally understand your pain, once was enough. I dunno if I will even get to enjoy the holiday season/food this year b/c i could go into labor at anytime which really sucks.

  • Aww Ashley, that does bite! I’d be afraid to do much of anything. Ugh, it’s like thinking you will be on your to way to whatever holiday party and have to make a detour to the hospital! I hope not, but I know what you mean!

    Jenny, now you’re making me rethink my whole get the mirena out and then let it happen when it happens. I think planning it is the way to go lol!

  • Planning is important, but inevitably impossible. You can’t really predict when you will get pregnant. You could try for 9 months, and then there it is, you are stuck again right in the middle of summer with a huge belly and not wanting to eat food again during the holidays when you are trying to lose weight.

    I say planning is important though. Being caught off-guard is not fun.