SLEEP child!

One of the hardest things about having a baby is adjusting to their sleep schedule.. or sometimes a lack thereof.
When you first bring them home, they do nothing but sleep. They might wake up to eat, sometimes you have to wake them up to eat because you start getting paranoid that they’re sleeping too much.. or you’re in the hospital and the nursery wench is bitching at you to feed your kid and keeps coming back into your room to see if you’ve fed him yet (yes, I speak from experience there).
It’s a breeze when all they do is sleep, eat, and poop.. and then as they get older, they don’t seem to want to sleep as much.

How do you entertain a newborn, exactly? They’re not interested in anything, and in my case, I have babies who were/are not content with just sitting and doing nothing.

Lately, Parker has just refused to sleep altogether. Just wants to be awake, and generally whiny, ALL THE TIME. Even when he is exhausted, and you can tell he’s exhausted, he just won’t keep his eyes closed. You rock him, bounce him, try to lull him to sleep- and as soon as you put him down his eyes pop right back open. It is one of the most frustrating things ever.
Especially when 4am rolls around and he thinks it’s party time. I am not a fan of night feedings. Not that they were ever particularly enjoyable, but at least before he’d wake up, eat, and pass right back out.

And I know as he gets older, he won’t just not sleep, but he will fight sleep… to the point where he gets overtired and can’t sleep.

Currently he is rocking in his cradle swing, eyes wide open.. when he should definitely be asleep because he’s been awake for about 3 hours now.
And now he’s starting to grunt and whine. Awesome. There goes my night!

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