Rub one out

I only wish I were referring to a man playing his skin flute.

Alas, just like the past few days- i’m referring to my sad sorry clogged up boob.

In order to get rid of the clog, since I have no milk and can’t exactly pump the thing out (ew, and OUCH)- all I can do is put hot compresses on my angry boob and try to massage it until it… breaks up? I really have no idea. I just know it’s what I have to do, 4 times a day.

Luckily, my boob doesn’t feel like it’s going to catch fire, burst and then fall off like it did the first two days- because the thought of massaging it when it felt like that literally made me nauseous. I’m no sissy, but generally I like to avoid purposely touching things that hurt.

I’ve found a way to not have to touch the creepy clog and really to not feel much of the massaging at all. Getting the hot compress hot enough to where I almost can’t stand it pretty much numbs the whole area.. or maybe it’s just scalding the hell out of my boob- either way.. I’m a fan of not actually putting my fingers directly on the clog and feeling it. It might not hurt as much, but it turns my stomach to put direct pressure on it. Hard to explain.. just makes me sick to my stomach to touch a lump in my boob. and not only touch- but put pressure on and rub.

I do have to say, though- that today it’s looking and feeling much better. I can’t call it Frankenboob anymore.. which was fun to do, but disturbing to look at. Hopefully looking and feeling better means no abscess and no boobie draining has to be done.. and that tomorrow’s stupid appointment will go swimmingly (for ONCE).

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  • I’ll just say… I’m thinking positive thoughts for you. I hope everything goes well with your appointment and you can put this all behind you! Do you have to see evil doctor again? Maybe she will have to take care of someone else… Wouldn’t that be nice?!