Receding hair line

If you’ve just had a baby and think there there can’t possibly be anything left that’s going to be thrown at you out of left field that you didn’t see coming.. think again. Newborns are confusing as hell, it’s probably one of the most confusing stages, but even as kids get less confusing- there’s always SOMETHING that sneaks up on you (gah how many times can I use the word confusing in one sentence??)

Poop consistencies, frequency of emptying the bladder, amount of time spent crying, what is normal and what isn’t..
The last thing you think you have to concern yourself with or deal with is baby hair loss.

I was warned repeatedly when Holden was born that he would lose his hair. I’d never heard that anywhere before, or read it anywhere before.. so it was one of those annoying little ‘know it all’ comments that tend to get under my skin, but I end up ignoring because it just seemed absurd.
Over a month went by and Holden had not lost any hair. To the contrary- his hair had grown even longer. None of the girls with kids Holden’s age had talked about their kid losing hair.. so I was pretty sure we were in the clear,
and then suddenly it started to thin. And it kept thinning, and kept thinning.. until he was practically bald. Well, I say bald, but really it was more bald looking.
In the place of his dark brown hair came super fine, super blond… I wouldn’t call it fuzz, but I wouldn’t call it ‘hair’ either because it was practically clear.
Basically, the kid looked like a potato head and stayed that way up until he was a year old.

It took a long time for Holden to have a full head of hair. it’s still pretty thin in some places. He didn’t keep a single bit of the hair he was born with, that’s for sure. It’s not even the same color.

When Parker was born with a head of dark brown hair, just like Holden was born with- I knew not to be too hopeful that it would be sticking around for the long haul.
His poor little head.. the hair didn’t even have a chance to grow before he started losing it.

It’s funny how much babies look like little old wrinkly men. Parker has lost.. well.. basically all the hair on the top of his head except in the center. Imagine Homer Simpson as a baby, just less yellow- and that’s what my kid’s head looks like.
Hair across the back, and a couple sad little hairs at the top, and that’s it. And unlike Holden, it’s not growing back blond just yet. I guess his head has decided totally bald is the way to go.
I am not a fan! Baby heads are weird, veiny, and peely and i’d rather not have to look at it.

Not every kid loses their baby hair- I know plenty that were born with a full head and kept every single strand.. I just wouldn’t get your hopes set on that being the case.
Chances are, if you were a baldy, your kid is going to be a baldy too.

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