Post Halloween wrap-up

Recovering from Halloween with an infant and a toddler feels like I went on an all-night bender and spent most of the night puking. Kids are exhausting. Trick or Treating when you aren’t a kid will make you feel like you got hit by a bus the next day. I’ve had trouble keeping my eyes open. It didn’t help that my stupid phone didn’t automatically register daylight savings time so I accidentally got the whole family out of bed an hour early.

We started off Halloween day by carving the pumpkin we got at our family outing to the pumpkin patch. Holden was SO excited and somehow managed NOT to make a mess of himself. Color me shocked

All fun and games until nap time. Holden did NOT want to sleep (and neither did Parker, but that’s nothing new). Just kept getting out of bed, claiming he had to pee, and then going back (with force). Over and over. When we finally did get him to sleep, he slept for so long that we had to wake him up so we wouldn’t be late for trick or treating in my Dad’s neighborhood- which is about 30 minutes away.

Figured that we’d end up being late. We had to stop on the way to refill Parker’s crap-ass medicine (since the new medicine is STILL not ready after FIVE DAMN DAYS.) and get Holden a bag to put his candy in.. and then we had to stop at McDonald’s to get Holden some chicken nuggets and apples so he could eat dinner. We usually don’t eat until 7, dead in the center of trick or treating.. and no way can that kid miss a meal. That’s just asking for trouble.
Tell me why it took McDonald’s 10 damn minutes to put some nuggets and apples in a bag? The apples come in shipments.. and you very well know those nuggets had been sitting around for God knows how long, so it isn’t like there was any real preparation to be done.

When we finally got to my Dad’s it was around 5:30 and Parker had to eat. It was just one delay after the next!
I put him in his costume to feed him. I don’t know what it is about that baby hotdog costume.. but it is fantastic. It instantly put Holden to sleep when he wore it, and pretty much the same happened with Parker. I suppose if I had something so warm and cozy wrapped around me, i’d pass out too. Warm and cozy wasn’t exactly necessary though, considering it was in the 70s outside.

Then it was time to put Holden’s costume on.. Nightmare. He was SO excited when he tried it on a few weeks ago, he didn’t want to take it off. Leave it to the day where he’s actually supposed to wear it for him to scream while I tried to get it on him.
Once it was on and time to go, his attitude changed and he even got into character

Although it wasn’t our first choice costume.. it’s still pretty damn cute! I didn’t see any other costumes last night that I thought were better. I’m a little biased though.

We really weren’t sure how Holden would do with the actual act of Trick-or-Treating. We’d practiced saying it all day the day before (and when to say it, and what he would get when he did).. but actually walking from house to house,holding out his pumpkin and collecting candy and then moving on? I forsaw that being a nightmare. Last year he was just learning to walk so we carried him to every house. Heavy and tiring, but effective.

Another surprise, he did REALLY good. An incredibly slow walker, but after the first few houses he really got the hang of the whole thing and was super amped at getting “more candy!”

The only problem that arose was when his bucket filled up and we had to empty it into the bottom of the stroller to make more room. He thought we were taking his candy away from him and TOTALLY lost it!
Word of advice: Don’t ever take ALL the candy out of your kid’s halloween bag. Leave a few pieces at the bottom and you’re golden.

Parker slept basically the whole time. No problems whatsoever out of him, for once.

All in all I think Halloween was a big success. My Dad’s neighborhood is absolutely ridiculous in the amount of people that trick or treat there. I was sad to see how many houses did NOT participate, but then again, the same could be said for our own house since we weren’t home to give out any candy. I assume a lot of the houses were dark because they were out taking their own kids trick or treating. Who knows. It’s annoying, though, when you have a toddler that drags his feet to go down an entire street where there’s only one or two houses participating.

I honestly don’t even know what to do with all of Holden’s candy. Quick answer would be to eat it.. but eating candy is the LAST thing I need to be doing! We’re lucky in that he isn’t asking for it unless he sees us eating it. Today he actually begged me for MILK when I was expecting him to beg for candy. Kid is weird.

Can’t wait for next year! On to Thanksgiving and Christmas.. both of which I am dreading.

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  • Ally’s little pumpkin bucket got so heavy that she handed it over to me to carry! I put some of her candy in my pockets and gave it back!

    Her “trick-or-treat” sounded like click or greet or something lol! We’d tell all the kids to say thank you and Ally would say,”Thank you mama!” It was a fun night!

    I’m glad Holden’s costume was cute after all! Parker was an awesomely adorable wiener! You will do fine during the holidays. Allow yourself some treats, but make them smaller portions! That’s what I’m aiming for at least, haha!

  • It was so much fun, very tiring, but very fun. I think he got the hang of what was going on very quickly. He did say ToT to a number of houses, and Thank yous.


    Next year… What will the costume be? Start thinking.