Playing catch up

Having the power go out and stay out for so long was not just an inconvenience and huge annoyance, but it really crapped up everything we normally do over the weekend to clean up from the week.
I was about to do loads upon loads of laundry, there were dishes in the sink, floors needed to be swept, toys needed to be picked up. The normal every-day clean-up type of thing.. and we couldn’t do any of it for 3 days.

Coming home was a HUGE relief. It feels great to be home. I wish I could say that I feel relaxed, but currently the mess that surrounds me is just itching at me.
As soon as we walked in the door and got the boys comfortable (although comfortable is really a relative term), we started doing dishes, picking clothes up off the floors, putting things away.. just a whirlwind of trying to get 3 days worth of cleaning done in a short period of time- since short periods of time are all you really get with a 2 year old and an infant constantly needing your attention. That being said, I think it’s going to take a couple of days to get anywhere close to catching up and REALLY being able to relax.
Probably won’t happen until next weekend, and by then i’m sure there will be some other mini-crisis to deal with.
Story of my life.

I can almost predict the mini-crisis now… because today we realized/figured out that Parker has full-blown thrush in his mouth.
it’s funny, because if you’ve been keeping up with the blog lately- I had thought he had thrush a while back but the pediatrician said it was ‘milk mouth’ (which happens with formula fed babies and is VERY hard to tell the difference between that and thrush).
It’s undeniable now. The white staining is thick and blotchy, and on the insides of his cheeks. Milk mouth does not effect anywhere but the tongue and MAYBE mildly the roof of the mouth.

The question is: how long has he had it? If he’s had it for a while now, it would explain SO much in how he’s been acting. The refusing of the bottles and acting as though eating hurts (especially since he is fully medicated for reflux and that seems to be getting better yet the feedings don’t), and just a general feeling of being uncomfortable- since from what i’ve been told, thrush feels like getting a root canal without pain medication.
So instead of sitting at home (where I really wanted to be) we spent a lot of the day trying to find gentian violet, which is an over-the-counter remedy for thrush. Unfortunately, the one place we KNEW has it is closed Sundays, and NO other pharmacy has the alcohol-free kind. Ridiculous. So my poor baby is still going to be miserable until tomorrow. Even then, gentian violet did not get rid of thrush when Holden had it (Holden had it WAY worse though).. so I worry that we’re going to end up having to pay a stupid ass $20 copay to tell me what I already know, and then another stupid sum of money for a prescription.

The life of a mommy is NEVER dull.

Sometimes I miss dull.

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