Pitying Parker

Before Parker was born, I was always worried about giving him ‘Second Child Syndrome.’
Only giving him hand-me-downs, not being able to give him as much attention as I always gave Holden.. basically giving the poor kid a complex and having him grow up to be resentful and never feeling like he can add up.

This did not happen, I am happy and relieved to say. He has tons of clothes that are not hand me downs from Holden (at least until he turns a year old and then it’s Holden hand-me-down city).. and since he’s so damn needy I pretty much hold him all the time so there’s no way he could ever feel as though he isn’t getting enough attention- I more worry about Holden getting the shaft in that area now.

The only area that concerns me is that he seems to be getting the shaft from other people. When Holden was born, all kinds of people came to visit him in the first few weeks. People genuinely seemed excited to meet him- and after his first few weeks I couldn’t name anyone who hadn’t met him yet.
With Parker? I think I can name the people who have come to see him on less than both of my hands. And while I love dearly the people who have come to meet him, they are not the ones I expected to have made the effort to come and see him so early.
And it’s not like i’m turning people away because of the flu season, or because so many people are sick.. it just doesn’t seem like anyone even cares to come and see him. Shit, a lot of people didn’t even bother to congratulate me when he was born.

While i’m incredibly ticked off by the whole situation, I feel even worse for Parker because he deserves better. Way better. He deserves for people to be excited to come and see him and fawn over him and give him all kinds of love and affection.
The kid has enough of his own problems without having to worry about being basically shunned.

This isn’t like Holden’s birthday party, where i’m asking for RSVPs and having to hunt people down to get responses. I always thought it was customary when you birth a child for people to ask when they can come and meet the new addition. New moms have enough to worry about and do without having to track people down to ask “so.. when are you gonna come and meet my crotch fruit?”

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