It’s going to be a long winter

I… don’t do the cold. I hate it. It’s miserable. My body is just not built for cold weather in the slightest.
My life would be completely perfect and blissful if it were 75 and sunny year round. That was the best part about living in California. The heaviest clothing I wore was a sweater-coat. No heavy coat, not even a heavy jacket. Never had to deal with snow or ice or shivering.

Virginia has “mild” winters when you compare them to places up north.. but still too cold for my liking, and you never know when the cold is going to hit. One day is freezing, the next day is warm. One day is snowing, the next day is almost 70 degrees. You can wear a t-shirt on Christmas, and it will be snowing in March. It makes zero logical sense, and the weather guys on TV can never accurately predict what the day is really going to be like.

Holden loves going outside to play. He LOVES it. He is very much a boy in the sense that he just loves to run screaming around the yard, hitting things with sticks, checking out the cars, playing with rocks.
During the summer, even though I was huge sweaty and pregnant- I didn’t mind taking him out every day to play..because generally I like being warm. If I want to cool down I can wear less clothes, or bring out the damn hose (I was known to spray Holden on many occasions and hit myself a couple of times in the process to beat the heat).
It helped him to get rid a lot of his pent up energy and got us both some fresh air so we didn’t go crazy being cooped up inside since we don’t go out alone much (we really had nowhere to go and no one to go with and typically I feel uncomfortable taking out a young child alone because i’m paranoid about baby snatchers).

With winter upon us, and cold weather inevitable.. I fear going absolutely stir crazy. Both me and Holden. Especially having Parker here now, and not wanting to take an infant out in the freezing ass cold just so Holden can go tearing ass around the yard beating the ground with a stick.
Holden seem absolutely oblivious to the temperature. We walk outside on a cold evening, where instantly I tense up, wrap my coat around me tighter and haul ass for the car or where my destination happens to be that is warm.. and he doesn’t even flinch. And I know he knows what “hot” and “cold” is, and the difference between them..
So I know the cold weather is NOT going to stop him from wanting to go outside and play all the time.. and as selfless as I like to be when it comes to his needs and doing things I may not want to do just because he wants to do them.. I don’t think I can bear the brutal cold for him. And I don’t think Parker will sit inside by himself happily, and he certainly won’t be happy outside- because while Holden might not notice the cold, Parker sure as shit does.

I want him to be able to get out of the house and play, expend that extra energy.. not get cabin fever and be bratty. I like getting fresh air too, I just CAN’T DO COLD! I can’t do it! The freakin’ freezer section at the grocery store gives me migraines from clenching so hard because I hate being cold.. weather is just not my friend. Wind? Rain? Sleet? Snow? PASS!

Play dates? Sure I guess we could do playdates, but it just seems like such a ridiculous amount of effort to try and get TWO kids ready to get out of the house, and then spend money we don’t have on gas to drive somewhere.. and have Parker scream the whole time, and having to deal with that while making sure Holden doesn’t hurt himself or someone else..
That just doesn’t sound like a feasible option.

Meh, what to do.
I guess i’ll have to figure SOMETHING out.. or this winter is going to be miserable for everyone!

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