Let me tell you, ‘Meal Replacement’ diets are not for the faint of heart. They are boring, unsatisfying and generally pretty miserable to continue on with for a prolonged period of time.

I chose the Special K diet because it worked pretty well after Holden, and why mess with a formula that works? Of course, I went super overboard with it and instead of just doing the 2 weeks to “lose 1 jeans size!” I continued it for months.
Old habits die hard, i’m on week… 3? Maybe 4. Honestly i’ve lost track of time.

Now, if the stupid diet did what it actually said and helped me drop a jeans size in 2 weeks i’d probably just stop eating it because Special K is disgusting (other than the yogurt kind, but that only come in tiny expensive boxes).. but somehow even with the meal replacements and exercising 5 days a week.. the weight just isn’t going anywhere.
Frustrating? Oh yeah.

I was out digging around in the garage and found my old notebook with my weekly measurements from the last go-round of dieting and exercising after Holden and in my evil mommy-pooch area alone, I have 4 inches to lose. Numerically, the number 4 isn’t all that big, but when it comes to INCHES of FAT to lose.. oh yeah, it’s a lot.

So am I going to stop the meal replacement? Probably not. I have an unhealthy guilt associated with food, and knowing how much weight and inches I have to lose makes me want to go totally diet crazy- but I won’t go completely overboard. I still love food, and dinner is my friend. Special K is becoming my arch enemy.. or at least my stomach’s arch enemy. Damn bran flakes.

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  • Ugh, I really wish you could look at it differently. I hate hearing that you’re not happy with that stuff. Makes me sad you’re going through it!!!

    What’s something that you LIKE eating? I like oatmeal and toast, so lately I’ve been having 2 packs of oatmeal and a slice of whole wheat toast with apricot jam. Good amount of food, very filling, and definitely within my meal calorie range! You could even have eggs/veggies if you like that. Sometimes I have cereal too and I have to add maybe a tablespoon of sugar to my wheat bran flakes or they are just ICK! I know what you’re saying there lol!

    Maybe change up your exercise some how? Increase intensity? Try DIFFERENT exercises?

  • I honestly don’t have time for much else. I don’t have time to MAKE breakfast, let alone eat it. Cereal is fast and easy. It also cuts down on a lot of prep time for lunch too, since Parker refuses to be set down, ever.

    I’m sweating my ass off while working out so I know it should be doing SOMETHING. What’s shitty is that the smaller you are/get the harder it is to lose weight. My pants are loose today, so maybe that’s a good sign