Holy Infected Boob, Batman!

“You learn something new every day”

Typically, I love learning new things about kids and pregnancy and all the horrible, wonderful things that come along with it. I feel more knowledgeable, and always have something to write about.

This time is not one of those situations.

I mentioned yesterday that my boob was killing me from Holden catching his ear on my nipple… wrong. Holden just called my attention to pain that was already there and hadn’t noticed yet since i’d just woken up.

All day my boob was killing me. KILLING me. Sharp pain, aching pain, swelling,tenderness. It was just not a fun boob day all around.
It wasn’t until I went from feeling mildly sick (flu like symptoms), to getting chills and feeling like absolute death that I decided to get ready for bed.. and while getting ready for bed I took a look at my paining boob.
I knew it was swollen, but at that moment I noticed that my nipple was misshapen so I decided to give it a poke.. and was greeted by a large lump right under the surface of my skin.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I feel a lump in my boob my mind immediately jumps straight to thoughts of breast cancer (which runs in my family) and I started freaking out.

The first thing I did was text my friend who just finished nursing school a few months ago and ask what the living hell was going on with my boob.
Through the night and the next morning we started going through symptoms and all sorts of things and she mentioned that it might be Mastitis.. which is an infection of the breast.
I went to Parker’s playroom messageboard (with other moms who gave birth this past September) and their consensus was the same as well: Either Mastitis or a clogged milk duct.

Leave it to me to have something wrong with my boob that typically only happens to breastfeeding moms. Having milk in your tits can cause all kinds of ridiculous problems.. but I never did!
I leaked about TWO drops and then my boobs deflated and started looking sad again weeks ago, so getting a clogged milk duct or an infection was never something that even crossed my mind.

I was still a little unsure about this being mastitis until I was about to get in the shower and noticed that the whole boob is now red and inflamed. Add this to being misshapen and swollen.. and you have FRANKENBOOB. It is not a pretty sight, y’all.
The only upside to this it that if it IS in fact mastitis, it means I don’t have swine flu- because mastitis will give you flu like symptoms.
Swollen ugly inflamed boob AND flu symptoms? SCORE!

The super-mega downside? It could get bad enough to where it abscesses and has to be drained.
Boob draining?
Quite possibly the last thing on earth I would EVER want to have done to me. Even thinking about someone TOUCHING my boob right now makes my stomach turn… and it’s gonna have to happen because I moved up my 6 week postpartum checkup to have this thing looked at before it gets that serious.. which means relentless non-gentle poking at my already sore boob.
I get the feeling it’s pretty bad already considering nothing i’ve read has talked about a LUMP in the boob- so it’s more than likely that there’s something nasty going on in there.

Yep, as much as I like to sponge up as much random mommy-info that I can, this would never make that list.
Take care of those boobs ladies! You do NOT want one of those suckers getting infected- use my horrid experience to your benefit. At least it will be good for one of us.

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  • you describing my bite so perfectly. I feel really bad for you… It was bad enough for me on my chest. And it left a hole that has to be stuffed and dressed every day. I serioulsy hope for you so much that you don’t have to go what I went through!

  • what is this message board you belong to?
    when is your appointment?
    my six week is tomorrow, fun times to be had for all!

  • Justmommies (justmommies.com)

    I’m a part of the October 09 PR because that’s when I was due (instead of September when Parker was born), but they do have a sep 09 PR, I know a couple of very nice ladies in it

  • That makes my stomach turn too. I feel for you. I know what Adi is talking about with the spider bites. D had one on his leg and that thing drained for days. It was gross.

    Hopefully, you can figure out a way to get that thing unclogged and it will feel better soon. You said it right, leave it to you! That’s crazy!