Aunt Flo is not welcome here!

A sneak attack is right around the corner for me i’m sure.

The one thing left to dread coming my way now that i’m not pregnant, don’t have to worry about labor or giving birth or healing anymore.. the return of my period. Pregnancy might have been miserable but at least I didn’t bleed from my hoo-ha for a week straight and all the bloating (hard to tell if you’re bloated with a huge tummy attached to you), cramping and pooping that goes along with having a monthly cycle.

Since i’m not nursing, it’s really a guessing game as to when Aunt Flo will decide to rear her ugly head. Even still, some nursing moms I know got theirs back pretty quickly while others didn’t have a period for 6 months. I pumped for 7 weeks with Holden and I think I had 3 blissfully peaceful months with no cycle.
Parker will be 2 months old in just a few days… and I have the strong suspicion that the crimson tide won’t be far behind that.

After my rather large Thanksgiving meal, I really wasn’t feeling too fat. Full and uncomfortable? Yes, but fat? not so much. And since my stomach didn’t agree with the food too much since it’s mostly used to friggin’ cork flakes for meals these days.. i’m not sure how many of those calories stuck with me if you understand what i’m gettin’ at.
I was even feeling pretty good all day today until after dinner.
My stomach is huge. It is not cute. My back is a little crampy.. more than usual, since lately it’s always hurting from having to stand in weird positions to make sure my little booble-head baby doesn’t throw his neck all over the place. So i’m wondering if all signs point to period.

As much as I don’t want it.. I think i’d rather blame the bloating on my period instead of just being gross and fat. Lesser of two evils. Or maybe I just need to poop.
Oh, the benefits of poop!

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  • LOL You just reminded me of something Dr. Oz said on his show. “I love talking about poop!” Nice! I don’t miss Aunt Flo either. One of the perks about getting the Mirena and it not moving from where it’s supposed to be, I guess!! I just spot every once in a while. I can only imagine the tide that will come after getting that sucker removed. THAT is not something to look forward to!!!