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As “negative” as some people might think that I am, I don’t think they realize that what I really try to do is find the funny in the bad, the positive in the negative, the silver lining of every horrid situation. No, I don’t sugar coat, I don’t make nice, I don’t lie or gloss over anything- but if i’m going to be completely honest about something, and that something might not necessarily be the happiest thing in the world- I will usually do my damnedest to make it funny.

I have to apologize in advance if this blog makes zero sense. You’ll understand why in a minute. Spellcheck is my best friend.

Yesterday I wrote about how OLD I feel when I think about my age + having 2 kids + being married.
Feeling old is never a good thing. Who WANTS to feel old? Being old is one thing, but really you’re only as old as you feel. So as long as you feel young, you’re golden.

There are perks that come with being old, though.

Today we were having a quiet afternoon at home. Holden was napping, and I was desperately trying to get Parker to nap- who has the new habit of absolutely refusing to go to sleep anywhere but ON me..
So when I saw a truck for a roofing company park in front of our house and a burly man walk up to our door- I knew I wouldn’t be able to answer in my compromised state.

Of course, at the worst possible moment, he rang the doorbell. And our doorbell LINGERS. It’s obnoxious.
I thought it was just going to be some kind of “we’re trying to sell you something” visit.. we get those a lot, but when Thomas didn’t come immediately back in I knew there was something else going on.

Turns out, the guy wanted to advertise by putting a sign in our yard since we are a corner lot on a relatively busy back-road.
That is not the funny part, obviously.
The funny part is that the man kept asking if Thomas’ PARENTS were home. He just up and assumed that Thomas was young. I don’t think Thomas looks OLD, but I don’t think he looks young enough to be living at home with parents… but maybe that’s just because I know him.

When we went out to eat tonight with the money the dude paid us to put the sign in our yard (who could say no to THAT kind of sweet deal?) and had both babies with us- neither of us even got carded when we ordered jumbo margaritas. And the area is a college area so they almost ALWAYS card.

It’s funny. When people don’t see us with our kids, they just assume that we’re babies and treat us as such- but when we have the kids with us.. no one even bothers to ask how old we are.
Two kids? No need to check their IDs. They’re OLD.

Good and a bad thing. I used to like being carded because it means I look young, but at the same time.. i’m lazy and don’t want to have to dig for my ID.

I guess it can be looked at both ways. Either an annoyance for people to automatically think that you’re old- or pretty awesome that you’ll never get carded again as long as you’ve got both turd blossoms in tow.

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  • I totally hear you on this one! I don’t ever get carded anymore because I’ve got two kids in tow and look like crap. It’s tough being so old already!

  • Ha, I can see that about Thomas. He kind of has a baby face IMO. Two kids already, so they must be of age… Never know these days though… :/