2 months past

At 9:50 this morning, Parker officially became 2 months old. Time has seriously just flown by. I know I say that all the time, but really- 2 months, where did it go so fast?
It feels like I just brought him home. Everything still seems so new.. even though just by how much my wrist hurts from carrying him around all day lets me know just how big he has gotten. Not to mention that my crotch still occasionally hurts- a constant reminder that it wasn’t that long ago that I was pushing him out into this world.

The fact that 2 months has already passed means it honestly won’t be long until he’s eating solids, sitting up on his own, playing with his toys and just generally growing up way too fast.

I’m always so excited to see these milestones come, and amazed at them as well.. but with Parker possibly being my last baby it’s a very bittersweet feeling at the same time.
The first year goes by so quickly that these special little moments seem to slip away before I can properly cherish them.
I still can’t believe how much bigger he is than he was when we brought him home. How it feels like overnight he went from being a baby lump with glazed over baby eyes to being incredibly alert and very aware of all of his surroundings. He used to be so easy to carry around with one arm, and now he gives them the limp noodle effect because he’s probably 5 pounds heavier than his birth weight if not more.

He isn’t amused in the slightest by peekaboo, but can’t help getting the hugest grin when you tickle or kiss his cheeks.
He loves to just watch Holden play.. or just watch him do anything really. He is completely mesmerized by his big brother.
He can be screaming bloody murder and as soon as he sees you coming to pick him up he quiets down. Manipulating already. He’s smart, and he knows he can get what he wants and just how to do it.
He wants to be held all the time, but on his terms. He likes to always be facing out, able to see and study everything around him.
He is so much like his older brother, but so much different at the same time. I guess that’s something only a parent would notice.

Every day he is growing and changing but there’s one thing that will never change. Just like Holden, he will ALWAYS be my baby. Yep, I am currently one of those moms.

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