Yup, definitely reflux.

To say that I am angry would be an understatement. Angry at who? No one. Just angry.

After a day like today it’s pretty clear that Parker has reflux, there’s nothing else it can be.

After projectile vomiting his entire morning bottle all over the bed (Thomas’ side, thankfully), hiccuping constantly, arching his back, straightening & stiffening his legs, dry cough, and the fact that he constantly has milk in his mouth.. I don’t think there’s any way to deny it. it has to be reflux, nothing else fits.

All I can think about is how bad Holden had it and how miserable we all were for MONTHS trying to find the right combination of medications and formula to make him happy.. or at least comfortable. yes i’ve done it before, but I really don’t think I can handle another child who is completely and wholly miserable ALL of the time and screams constantly and can not be consoled. What about Holden?
While it was taxing and frustrating when I had him, I had JUST him. I could devote all of my time to trying to comfort him because I knew he was in pain. I don’t have that kind of time now. I don’t think it’s fair to either kid.
I am now completely freaking out about Monday and Thomas going back to work and thinking about not being able to handle a screaming, fluxing infant and a needy toddler at once.

All I can really do is hope that it’s not as severe as Holden’s, that the first medication actually works, and that I can actually for once have a happy infant and a happy household.

This is ridiculous. And unfair. I don’t care if life isn’t fair, life should cut people a break sometimes.. especially when you’ve already had one kid with reflux- your next just shouldn’t have it.

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  • I agree. Life should really just cut you a break sometimes. I wish it was that way, but most often it isn’t and that simply SUCKS!!

    I hope things work out in a way this time around that there is minimal discomfort for everyone involved. I had really hoped, knowing how hard it was with Holden having it, that Parker would be completely different. Hugs!!