Yikes! Drama

I’m not quite ready yet to elaborate fully on the happenings of yesterday- but I will say this much: No matter how old you get- or how far out of highschool you are.. unfortunately there will always be people who create highschool-like drama in your life. It’s a sad unfortunate truth.
All those looking forward to graduating just to get away from all the stupid rumors, lies, backstabbing and cattiness- sorry to tell you, it will always be around! And usually from the people you least expect it from.

Just when I think i’m getting a handle on everything, too. Sure, the screaming, farting, and refluxing coming from my youngest sucks and it can get very tiring and frustrating- it’s just the way it is and as hard as it’s been, I know I just have to deal with it and hope that it gets better with time and medication.
Speaking of, we have had a whirlwind of a time with that damn medication. It’s clear that it’s either not working, or just not working very much at all. Parker is clearly uncomfortable and it’s even making bottle time (which should be quiet time) nearly impossible to get through. He now squirms and screams on the bottle as well. Holden only did that when he had thrush, and i’ve checked and re-checked Parker’s mouth- no thrush.

We gave the medication (Axid) a week, and when Parker’s reflux got even worse we decided it was time to give the pediatrician a call. This should have been a simple task to accomplish. I’ve said before- I love our pediatrician. She had two kids with reflux herself so she understands just how terrible it is, and knows what i’m going through. It seems that everyone else around her are the incompetent ones.
Thomas gave them a call Tuesday morning. In order to get anything done, you have to leave a message with reception and have a nurse call you back.. so of course there was waiting to be done there because they always take forever to return calls. She calls back, he tells her what’s going on- she writes it down and says she will give Parker’s chart to his doctor and then call us back with a decision either that evening, or the next morning.
The next morning rolls around.. no phonecall. He calls again only to be informed that they gave Parker’s chart to the wrong doctor.. and now it’s lost and has to be found- and they will call us when they found it and have a decision from our doctor. Ridiculous!
Still, no call back.
He calls back yet AGAIN this morning.. and waits all day once again for them to return the call with a friggin’ decision.
When they finally do return the call- they tell us to up Parker’s dosage from .8 ml to 1 ml. How exactly is .2 ml going to make a difference when the first .8 wasn’t helping at all? And they want us to give it yet ANOTHER week to see if it works, and then if it doesn’t.. we have to take him back in to be seen. That wouldn’t be too big of an issue (I GUESS) if there weren’t a $20 copay, and if I didn’t have to find a sitter for Holden in order to take Parker without a buttload of hassle.

Needless to say- the extra .2 made absolutely no difference. He’s just as uncomfortable as ever. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a content child, for once. I don’t even know what it’s like to have a happy infant. It took SO long to find the right medication for Holden that he was about 6 months before he stopped screaming 24-7, and even then he still screamed all the freakin’ time. I’d hoped that we had caught the reflux early enough this time to just skip over all the trial and error bullshit and get straight to having a happy infant. Not looking like that’s going to happen. We’re once again going to have to go through all kinds of different medications and dosages, ridiculous.

Of course in the middle of all of that crap, if that weren’t bad enough in itself, highschool drama snuck up behind me and kicked me in the ass. Like I really needed to deal with petty immature stupidness in the middle of reflux-hell.
If it’s not one thing, it’s another- right?

Speaking of which- screaming child has reared his head once again. Time to cut this short.

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  • Hey Jenny, I don’t know if you’re a babycenter member or not… but its a message board I belong to and there is a fabulous group of us moms who deal with the awful torture that is raising a refluxer. There are 832 members total or something like that and even a pediatric doctor joined our group to help with things. Babycenter.com/community and our group is called: The Reflux Rebels. We also have a social support group on facebook with the same name. Feel free to join us. 🙂 All we have for support really is each other. Most docs are just a pain in the butt. But you’ve been through this before. I know you know how trying it is.