Workin’ off these thunder thighs

I know, I know.. i’m supposed to wait until 6 weeks postpartum and the ‘all clear’ from my OBGYN to start exercising again- but I feel like a lazy sack of crap sitting my fluffy butt on the couch every day, knowing that i’m not doing anything to help myself get back to where I was before getting knocked up.
Last pregnancy, no way in hell was I even thinking about exercising at 3 weeks postpartum. I was still crying myself to sleep because of the intense pain in my crotch. Thank my lucky stars i’m not in that much pain this time around- which I really think is the main reason I feel like I should be doing something.

Yesterday I decided to start taking it slow, easing back into the whole ‘working out’ thing. If it started to hurt, i’d stop.. would just takes cues and see what happened.
I really underestimated how out of shape I am.. or at least how weak my muscles have gotten. Everything hurt more than I expected, even specific exercises i’d continued to do throughout pregnancy that didn’t hurt while lugging around that huge belly hurt now. ‘Cause that makes sense. Thinking logically, my calf muscles should be stronger now since I had added weight for months on end.. but when I went to do leg lunges they felt so incredibly weak and feeble. Awful!
About 10 minutes into my workout (I used to do 45mins-1hr) I felt a large gush. Yes, that kind of gush. I’m hardly bleeding at all anymore, so I know when something like that happens that it means i’m pushing myself too hard.
Just like I told myself I would, I stopped. Last thing I want to do is pop a stitch (if there are any left) or hemmorhage just because I don’t want to look like a landbeast anymore.

Today went a little more smoothly.. well, as far as the bleeding thing goes. No gushing. Really no pain down below while working out at all. The most pain I felt was in my (for some unknown reason) sore ab muscles. It sucks to feel like you’re SO far out of shape that it’s going to take forever to feel normal again.
Yes, if it hurts- it’s working.. and I like to feel the burn- but I like to feel strong while feeling the burn, and I feel weak.

Technically, I think I only have about 10 pounds to lose to get to pre-pregnancy weight, which isn’t a lot. At the same time, the less weight you have to lose the harder it is to lose it. Especially in the areas i’m carrying it around on (thighs, hips, lower stomach).

It’s going to be a long hard road, it took over 40 weeks (5 days a week) last time and I didn’t look nearly as floppy. Meh.
I want a milkshake.

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