When it rains, it pours

Things never seem to get easier, just more confusing when it comes to having an infant in the house. Sure, I know positions to hold a baby in to calm them down, positions to burp them in, how to care for a circumcision, and all kinds of other random and ridiculous things that one can only learn through experience.

As much as I wish I didn’t, I know far too much about reflux and ways to treat it thanks to Holden and his months of screaming every minute he was awake- so when I saw Parker exhibiting the same symptoms.. as dismayed as I was, I was glad we caught it early on so that we could nip it in the bud before it got even close to as bad as Holden’s was.

After upping his dosage of Axid when it didn’t seem to be doing much of anything.. we started to realize that there was something more going on. Things that don’t seem to be related to reflux at all, and if they are- not only did Holden never exhibit them, but i’ve never even read about reflux causing these things.
While feeding time has always been a pain in the ass because of Parker’s poor latching abilities, when he started screaming, squirming, and refusing his bottle I knew there was something wrong. My first thought? Thrush. Nope, mouth is all clear.
Then while changing his diaper after a nasty poop when he wasn’t quite finished, I noticed water literally leaking out of his butt. Lovely, right? Definitely not normal. And it’s not the first time. Some of his poops are normal, but the majority have been rather watery. Babies should not have watery poop.

And the gas, good GOD the gas. He farts when he’s awake, when he’s asleep, while he’s eating.. every hour of every day the child is farting- and not just farting, but screaming and squirming and turning bright red in order to fart. Babies are supposed to be gassy, it shouldn’t be this painful, and it shouldn’t be this frequent.

I turned to the one thing I always turn to when I am confused about something- Google. Every symptom points to one thing: Lactose intolerance. And if not that specifically, definitely some kind of milk protein allergy.
Something that I really know nothing about, not when it comes to babies anyways. I had a bit of a lactose problem when I was younger and took those foul chewable lactaid pills before every meal- but other than giving my a tummy ache and occasionally mud-butt, there were no complications.. and after about five years I grew out of the worst of it.

This is a whole new nasty can of worms that I am not prepared for.. and honestly- if it ISN’T lactose intolerance or something of that nature.. i’ll be even more lost and confused because i’ll have to start all over again.
Parker has an appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow to try and figure all of this out and i’m not really sure what she’ll say. After the hell we went through with Holden, all the formulas and medications trying to find SOMETHING to make him happy- I don’t know that she’ll want us up and switching formulas immediately with Parker. And while all I want is for him to be happy, the thought of going through all that trial & error again is terrifying.

This is an absolute nightmare. My instinct tells me that there is for SURE something more wrong than just reflux, and while I think it’s lactose intolerance- my instinct has steered me wrong before. I can really only hope that tomorrow goes well, and whatever decision is made will make Parker the happy baby he should be.. but after months of not being able to make Holden even slightly content- i’m not getting my hopes up.

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