Lost Mentor

When I first started playing guitar, I met a fellow local female musician (which were few and far between) who was older and more experienced than me (I was about 14) and helped me build my confidence and play better.
She would come over on the weekends and we’d practice chord progressions and write songs and talk about all things having to do with music.
Before she came along, I really wasn’t that secure in what I could do because being a female guitarist just wasn’t all that common in the local music scene (or in the mainstream ‘famous’ music scene either for that matter), but seeing someone else who was out there doing what I wanted to do gave me the push to really go forward with it. It was from there that I started a long and happy 7 year career in the music ‘industry’.

We lost touch very quickly out of nowhere and i’ve always wondered what happened to her.

There’s a website called MyLife where you can search for people you’ve lost contact with in the past.
Mylife.com is America’s #1 people search. You can even find lost family members (who don’t have a facebook or myspace to lurk) and see what they’re doing and regain contact with them.

If you’ve ever fallen out of contact with someone who had an impact in your life, or just someone you’d like to find again- you should check it out and see if you can find them again!


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