Someday, I hope to have a blog popular enough to have my own URL. That, of course, will only happen if I have too many readers for the blogspot people to be able to handle. I don’t forsee that happening SOON- though a girl can dream- but if/when it does, i’ll have to think about finding webhosting in order to handle all of the traffic. Follow that link to find the top 10 web hosts right now, prices, and all the things that come with having them host your blog and/or website. Also check out their blog for a slew of more informative information (like how to create a popular/successful site).

How do you know when you need a new web host? When your blog is crashing your current host and no one can even get to your website, or it runs so slow that it’s hard to even read. That’s also a sign of popularity, gotta love that.

It’s something to think about if you’re going to be expanding your blogging empire, or for sure if you’re starting your own business online. Very important to have a reliable web host to take care of your needs without worrying about running out of space, or your page erroring out to those trying to access it.

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