Reflux or a plugged butt?

I really forgot how much I do NOT miss having an infant around the house. They’re cute and cuddly and all that sweet sugar crap- but they are confusing.
Are they hungry? Are they tired? Why aren’t they napping? Why are they napping so much?

Days full of questions that never freaking end. Questions that end my day in a lovely little tension headache.

It took Holden and I a long time to really get into a comfortable groove- but now he’s a piece of cake. I don’t second guess anything we do, we have a relatively flexible schedule that we’re both happy with.. basically he’s easy.

Parker is still a total enigma to me. Once I think I have a handle on what he wants or needs, he surprises me. Today he decided to stay awake for three hours straight and only eat half as much.. while not pooping one single time. Newborns are supposed to poop and sleep and that’s pretty much it. Of course Parker wouldn’t do either of those things!

Going into this of course I had a lot of concerns. How would Holden react? Can I handle taking care of two small children at once, ALONE for 9 hours 5 days a week?
One of the biggest factors playing into that is reflux.
Holden was one of the worst reflux babies on the face of the planet. Screaming for 7 hours a night, and being generally unhappy for 90% of the time he was awake. Having another reflux baby would make everyones lives pure and absolute hell, and would make it about 500 times harder for me to care for both children at once.

I’ve done all the crossing of fingers and toes and making wishes while passing through yellow stoplights that I can do, it’s out of my hands now.
NOW, i’m just hovering and praying the ball doesn’t drop… but maybe it already has? I honestly have no idea and it’s freaking.me.out.

The past few days have been full of spit up, hiccups and an occasionally uncomfortable child. All possible signs of reflux. Yes, all babies spit up, and Parker so far doesn’t seemed bothered by it.. but that all could change in the blink of an eye.
All day yesterday I was stressing out about reflux and how he’d been awake for over 2 hours until I realized.. Wait, this child hasn’t crapped all day.
Sure enough, bottle/changing time rolled around and Thomas disappeared into the nursery. Changing a diaper really only takes a minute or two so when they didn’t emerge for over 5 minutes I started wondering what had happened in there.

I walk in to Thomas washing off his hands with a wipe, and Parker asleep on the changing table. His ass literally exploded all over Thomas. Lovely.

So.. was he spitting up and uncomfortable because his butt was plugged up, or because he was fluxing?
Same question today, no poop, uncomfortable & farting. Which is it? And how do you MAKE a baby poop? And why is he constipated anyways? He certainly had no problem crapping 6 times a day in the hospital while I was the only one there to clean it.

Love my kid, hate all the question marks above his head.

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