Readers to the North!

This post is for anyone who happens to be Canadian that reads this blog.

Have you heard of Maple Leaf Foods? I’m sure you have, but did you know they just launched a really cool website with video tutorials on how to prepare easy meals, or just give you inspiration for something to make?
And in honor of the new website launch, they’re running a kitchen makeover contest, where they are giving away a $32,000 Dream Kitchen and 12 Frigidaire fridges.

It sounds lame, but I DREAM about remodeling my entire kitchen. I hate my current kitchen layout with a flaming passion.
If I won the prize, i’d start by knocking down the wall between my living room and kitchen and putting in a bar so that it would be one huge great room. New sink, countertops & appliances of course.. and i’d love something OTHER than a laminate floor. And track lighting and pendant lighting. I drool thinking about really cool lighting. When we were revamping our house before moving in we spent HOURS in the lighting sections of home improvement stores.

Enough of my daydreaming. If you happen to be a resident of Canada I strongly suggest you check out the new Maple Leaf website and entire the contest! I would if I could!


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