Postpartum Body Complex

Thinking that your body is just going to ‘bounce right back’ after popping out a squishy little baby (and all the other goodies that go flying/leaking/oozing out of you at the same time) is really nothing more than a pipe dream, wishful thinking, a longshot.. and has a snowball’s chance in hell of actually happening.
Has it happened before? I’m sure it probably has.. but from personal experience and the personal experiences of everyone I know- the answer is no- your body will not bounce right back.

It’s sad and kind of depressing to watch your body go from containing a child and typically being pretty tight (at least in the belly area) to being empty and saggy and swollen.

There’s still excess weight to lose, and surprisingly- a hell of a lot of fluid to ‘pee out’ so I was told by the nurse in the hospital.. and it would seem some tummy area swelling too (or at least.. I hope it’s swelling).

I started out heavier before my pregnancy with Holden (although i’d never call myself a heavy person back then), and out of shape- gained more weight during that pregnancy than with this one… and somehow was smaller immediately after giving birth than I am right now. That’s what’s bringing me down. I’d made such an effort to stay in shape during these past 9 months (and was in what was probably the best shape i’ve been in since my early teen years)- and managed to gain less weight, even had a BIGGER baby yet somehow my body just.. well.. it’s not what I thought it would be.
I in no way thought I would snap back, i’d been through this before and had an idea of what to expect, and had heard from a few people that second pregnancies are harder on the body and the weight doesn’t just ‘come off’ right afterward like it does with the first one- but because of all the extra factors I was pretty hopeful that I wouldn’t be completely disgusted with myself.

I know, I know, I know– I just had a baby, I shouldn’t expect to look good, I should give it time, bla de bla. I know all of those things. It’s much harder to put that thought into action when you look down and see something that resembles a swollen pile of mush. Not even my maternity shirts can camoflauge it, and i’m still stuck in ALL maternity pants until my hips decide to move back together.

Looking at my postpartum pictures from Holden’s pregnancy probably didn’t help either, because at a week out- I definitely looked better after him. great? No. Hugely swollen and puffy? No. I’m wondering if it’s going to go back down at all, or if this is the way it’s going to stay until i’m healed up enough to start working at it. I’d hope that’s not the case, and that my body is still in full-on recovery mode- but with about 15 pounds still stuck on me over my pre-pregnancy weight I can’t be sure what’s fluid, my oversized uterus and whatever else is still in there, and what’s fat.

What i’m trying to say is that you should probably prepare yourself to be a lot bigger than you expected, and for it to stay that way for a while. Some women might not mind, but I suppose i’m pretty vain in that aspect. I take pride in how I look, and was really happy with how I looked before because i’d put SO much work into getting into shape after Holden.

At least my boobs are huge and perky? Not that that’s going to last long.

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  • My belly went down faster with J than with M because I wrapped it. Seriously, get some stretchy fabric and some safety pins and wrap your belly up! It won’t look amazing, but it def helps a lot!