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I never mentioned it here, but a few months before Parker was born we ended up having to give our two cats away. I looked for homes for them for MONTHS, hoping someone would be able to provide a caring loving home for either one of them.. but unfortunately most people want puppies or kittens.
The only option left was to take them to the local shelter, which I still feel awful about when I think about it. Who’s to say they would ever find the right home, or even a home at all?

If the shelter I had taken them to used a website or service like Pentago.com, I would have felt much more comfortable with taking them there.
Pentago is a search engine with a database of pets currently housed at reputable shelters across the country. You can enter in your state or even just your zipcode and adopt a pet in your local area. You can see pictures of animals, their ages, names, gender- and find the perfect pet for yourself while also saving them from a shelter. You can even search for a specific breed, color, gender, even whether or not the animal is declawed or spayed/neutered.
Help me pay back karma just a little and Petango.com – Adopt a cat!


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