Making it up to you

I feel as though yesterday’s post may have scared some people out of having a second child altogether. If I had read that post, I think I probably would have thought twice about it.
They say seeing others with children who are absolute horrors is the best kind of birth control there is.. so allow me to shar some pictures that will refuel your baby fever.

It’s moments like these where all the bad, stressful, tough, exhausting things don’t seem so terrible.

Story time with the boys

The boys all together and happy

lil’ squishy face. Impossible to resist

Sleepy snuggles

Unwavering brotherly love

At the end of the day- it’s all worth it.
And today wasn’t bad, so that helps. No tantrums and minimal mommy hating. That’s not to say tomorrow won’t be a nasty one, but days like today are blissful, peaceful and happy.

Now get out there and make your kid a brother or sister so I can ooohhh and ahhh at pictures.
What are you waiting for?

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