In no way would I consider myself a pacifier advocate. I would have preferred Holden never needed one, but when he was screaming constantly.. the binky was an absolute lifesaver.
For babies, sucking on something is soothing, and soothing is good. Soothing I am a fan of. I’d much rather my kids suck on a pacifier then their fingers. You can take a pacifier away, you can’t exactly take a thumb away without being locked up for child abuse.

I can’t remember how old Holden was when we started sticking a pacifier in his mouth, these are things that I should have written down for future reference. I know we had to try two or three kinds before finding one he’d actually take- which is normal. Binkies come in all shapes and sizes, and what might work for one kid’s mouth might not work for another’s. Once we found the Avent binky, we were set. It was a match made in heaven. He sucked on it and stopped crying so much, perfect.

With Parker? Things are not going so well in the binky department. Actually, things are not going so well in the latch department in general.
When he was first born, we used the hospital provided formula, which came in one-time use ready made bottles with nipples especially for those bottles. His latch was perfect, the formula not so great for him and ready made formula is about twice the cost of powdered, plus i’m a huge fan of Dr Brown’s bottles and all the benefits that come along with them- so we knew we’d be switching pretty much as soon as we got home.
That was where the problems began. His perfect latch went sour. While the new formula and the Dr. Browns bottles/nipples seriously cut down on the gas, he just isn’t latching on very well at all. You almost have to let him fiddle around with the nipple in his mouth until he finally clamps down.. but a lot of times his mouth will fill up with milk first and he’ll end up spitting it out all over you. Fun times.

It doesn’t help that the kid is absolutely insatiable. Wants to eat constantly. CONSTANTLY. Sure, there are the few 3 hour spans he can go just sleeping peacefully, but once he wakes up- he’s instantly hungry (or so it would seem by the fact that he’s making an ‘eh eh eh eh!’ sound while searching desperately with his mouth for something to suck on). Then he’ll seem satisfied until an hour later, where it’s the same thing all over again.
Doctors and Nurses alike will say not to feed him so often. “They are supposed to eat every 2-3 hours”– but if he seems hungry, and is actually eating the formula.. how can I say no? Babies won’t eat if they aren’t hungry, right? That’s what I always thought. It isn’t like he’s finishing every bottle, just eating until he’s satisfied and then he doesn’t try to suck anymore.

Still, Thomas and I started worrying that we were feeding him too much and so out came the binkies. To make a long story short- we’ve tried FIVE types. He won’t stay latched to ANY of them for more than a few seconds.. which pisses him off, and pisses me off. It’s not just that he’s hungry and doesn’t want a pacifier- ’cause the kid will try and suck the skin off of my finger if I pop it in his mouth without a problem.. but my finger just isn’t readily available all the time.

Not only would a binky help him MAYBE not eat so often in case he isn’t hungry and just wants to suck on something for the sake of sucking.. but it would make night time diaper changes a hell of a lot more peaceful- because his shrill little scream wakes Holden up, who then pees himself because he gets so upset about being woken up.. and then it’s this huge production to get him BACK into bed and get Parker the little piggy fed so he’ll stop screaming too.

We’re running out of binkies to try. There are only so many funky shapes and sizes out there. Talk about frustration.. and a big fat waste of money to have a drawer full of pacifiers your kid won’t take.

At this rate, i’m going to have another huge chunky baby on my hands. Five days old and already back up to his birth weight. So much for him being the opposite of Holden!

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  • have you tried nuks? only one that would stay in either of my kid’s mouths. The clear nipple one

  • I think we’ve now tried 2 different kinds of nuks, avent, 2 different kinds of playtex, MAM, the kind they gave him in the hospital for his circ.. and we even tried Holden’s binky. That one worked the best but still didn’t even stay in for 30 seconds before he lost latch