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The day has come where it appears that my steady weight loss of fluid and other things from carrying around a baby for 9 months has ceased. My weight has been at an unfortunate standstill for the past few days, leading me to believe that where I am now is where I will be stuck unless I take matters into my own hands to continue losing weight and get back to where I was before getting knocked up.
I honestly can’t remember how long this process is generally supposed to take, or if my uterus is still going to continue to contract and go down- which will at least make my stomach look smaller even if I don’t lose weight- but I get the feeling that i’m now just fat, and not bloated, no matter how bloated I may look and feel right now.

I feel gross. I don’t remember ever feeling this fat and bloated after Holden, and it’s not a fun feeling.
While I was actually able to squeeze into a pair of jeans today.. the key word would be SQUEEZE, because they were not what I would consider comfortable- and they gave me a rather large muffin top. Did I mention that these were jeans I bought during my pregnancy with Holden, and wore most of the way through it.. yet they still aren’t quite fitting now that i’m not pregnant?
That definitely stings.

Looking back at postpartum tummy pictures after Holden, my tummy did continue to shrink little by little for a few months after giving birth.. but that may be attributed to the fact that I had absolutely no appetite, and most days couldn’t even find the time to eat lunch because Holden screamed so damn much. I’d hoped to not have an appetite this time around, but that didn’t happen, I’m hungry, damnit.

So tomorrow.. it begins. Diet time. I’m going to stick with what helped last time- and that would be the miserable Special K diet. I’m not a fan.. cereal is so freakin’ boring- but my weight dropped quickly without exercise (and i’ve already started back up exercising).. so hopefully the process of getting un-fat will be expedited this time around.

I will miss you, lunch. Hopefully you can come back to me sooner rather than later.. but for now, Special K has regretfully taken your place.
On the bright side- it won’t take so long to make & eat lunch anymore. Time is precious around here!

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  • Good luck! Meal replacement options just never appealed to me. I read the side of a slim fast box/product once and thought it sounded ridiculous. No wonder I’m just exercising and trying to not OVER eat(calorie-wise).