If I hear that one more time…

There is one statement I have heard a nauseating amount of times since I gave birth to Parker, one phrase that is driving me absolutely insane.. one sentence, that I swear if I hear one more time I might actually go absolutely insane:

“He is Holden’s twin!”– or really any variation of the sort, in reference to Parker.

I realize that no one has bad intentions while saying this, no one’s saying it to piss me off or make me angry- they’re just saying what they see when they look at pictures.. but MAN does it make me crazy.
There’s no denying the resemblance between the two boys, not even I can deny that even though I wish they looked totally different from one another, it’s strikingly clear to anyone with eyes that they are brothers.

(On the left is Holden, on the right Parker)

The above picture got about 15 comments when I posted it online saying that the boys are absolutely identical.
Again, I see it.. I just don’t see it.

Perhaps it’s because i’m around them so much that i’m able to see the differences that pictures just don’t show. Their different eyes (Parker sort of has a frinkly eye, one is bigger than the other), the fact that Parker’s features are fuller than Holden’s.. their head shapes are different, etc etc.

I’m not sure what bugs me so much about people saying they look exactly alike. I guess because growing up with a brother so close in age to me, I was always known as “Biff’s little sister” (yes, my brother’s name is Biff) instead of people calling me by my actual name, and I don’t want the same to happen to Parker.
Instead of people saying “Oh he’s so cute!”, all I really hear is “Oh he looks so much like Holden!”
Let the kid have his own identity!

I hope that as Parker gets older, people will see the differences I see and not mistake Parker’s baby pictures for baby pictures of Holden.

Again I say, what is the point in having two kids (that aren’t literally identical twins) if they look like the same one? Seems like a rip off to wait so long to see your second child only to have them look exactly the same as the first doesn’t it?

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  • You can tell their brothers, that’s for sure. What I’ve noticed with Marcus though, is that everyone sees similarities, not differences. Everyone and their mom tells me Marcus is Sabe’s twin is they know sabe or sabe is with us. “He sure doesn’t look like his daddy at all does? harr harr.” It bugged me a lot too since I see things from me that Marcus has but nobody else sees it.

    I will tell you though, that I’ve noticed that Parker has a different nose. And to me, Parker is looking more like Preston than Holden as he gets out of the newborn baby age.

    And I apologize for saying that dreaded sentence a few times 🙂

  • Totally didn’t realize that pic I posted isn’t showing up all the way! blahhh this layout needs to go

    I hope Parker doesn’t look like Preston. I think Preston is adorable and all.. but he’s Preston. hard to explain!
    I know Preston looked frinkly as a newborn, all weird and wiry.. just like Parker. Holden looked more like an old man and not so frinkly lol.

    To me, Parker looks more like Holden NOW than Holden as a baby