I survived! …. Barely

TGIF! I don’t think i’ve ever been so happy that it’s Friday in my entire life.

First week at home alone with the boys is OVER!!!

Taking care of two young children alone is much different than i’d expected it to be. I thought it would be incredibly difficult to manage both of their schedules, to feed Parker while trying to entertain Holden.. To make Parker wait for a bottle while I was taking Holden to the potty- and in all honesty, those are probably the easiest parts.

Holden is the one to thank for most of that. He adjusted to Parker a hell of a lot faster than I thought he would. He didn’t do so well the week Thomas was home with us, but did a total 180 once it was just him Parker and myself. While i’m feeding Parker, he typically sits next to me with a book and i’ll read it to him. Simple. He has no problem waiting a little longer for breakfast or lunch, or going to the potty on command just because I don’t want to have to stop a feeding to take him and deal with Parker shrieking at me.

Even Parker, while a little ornery, seems pretty ok with waiting for a bottle. Even if he started crying while I was rushing around to do other things quickly or waiting for the bottle to heat up- all was instantly solved once I picked him up.

The week wasn’t hard. That’s not the word i’d use. More than anything- it was frustrating. And the part that was the most frustrating was nap time.

I’d get Holden down for a nap without a problem, and Parker would choose that time to be wide awake and gassy and would start to shriek.. waking Holden up. I started to dread nap time every day just because I always had a sinking feeling that Parker would start crying and wake Holden up, and then I wouldn’t get a mental break for myself all day.
Sure enough, this happened almost every day. Some days Holden managed to stay asleep, but EVERY day Parker decided to shriek during nap time.. stressing me out to no end. ANY other time of the day I could handle it just fine, but WHY during Holden’s nap time?

In general, I have trouble getting Parker to nap at all. Aren’t newborns supposed to sleep pretty much ALL the time? I can remember Holden being over a month old and still napping basically all day every day. I never thought i’d see him awake.
Not Parker. Parker is awake constantly. He is the master of fighting sleep. And of course, when a baby is awake for too long, they get overtired and then everything pisses them off. Of course, once Thomas gets home- it’s nearly impossible to wake the kid up. Figures.

Today neither kid wanted to nap. At all. Holden stayed in his room for maybe an hour, and then wouldn’t stop getting up. I put him back to bed four times before giving up and letting him stay awake. Wondering if that was the right decision to make because I don’t want him thinking he can just skip naps if he gets out of bed enough times to make me give up. Of course the whole time I was desperately trying to get Parker down for a nap as well since he’d been up for something like 3 hours straight with just a tiny bit of dozing in between.

Back and forth, back and forth. One kid crying not wanting to sleep, then the other. I felt like my head was going to explode. If my brother hadn’t of come over a little bit later, I think I might have literally snapped.

Out of a 5 day week, 2 were what I would consider “bad”, one was “good” and the others were just ok. On those 2 bad days, I definitely cried. It was hard not to get overwhelmed at times.
All in all I think I handled it pretty well, and it was just the first week. I’ve still yet to really get into the swing of things. hopefully when I do, there will be more good days than bad with the majority of ok days (though i’d prefer all good, I know that’s just not going to happen).

I find it strange and a bit amusing that the day I consider ‘good’ was the one where I was being puked and shit all over. I’ll take that over screaming any day of the week.

One week down… 18 years of weeks left to go.

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  • Glad you all are adjusting. Have you ever tired a white noise machine in Holden’s room to help drown out sounds while he naps? Also, Deirdre loved to be swaddled. That might work with Parker. Who knows? Good luck, I know each passing week will get easier and soon you’ll be a pro!

  • I’ve thought about using one! We got one as a hand me down when Holden was born but the dumb thing never worked. Now i’m not sure if he’d be able to sleep with one on because we’ve never used one before, know what I mean?
    Parker is pretty ambivalent to swaddling. He’s obsessed with having his hands in his face, so either he loves it and passes out, or hates it and squirms until he’s free

  • I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as you had expected. Thank goodness Holden decided to somewhat get with the program when Thomas went back to work!! I know that had to be a huge relief for you to see that happen!

    We sometimes play music on Ally’s radio for naptime/bedtime(kids cds, classical music cds). I’ve gone more toward using it for bedtime now though bc she seems to fall asleep just fine for naptime without it and maybe it will help her realize bedtime is bedtime since it’s our biggest issue some days!