Halloween is upon us!

I’m still a little bummed that Parker didn’t hold out another day to be born in October because I was really looking forward to having a “Halloween Baby”.. that and not having two kids with birthdays in September.
Halloween is hands down my favorite ‘holiday’ of the year. I always get sick at Christmas and never have money to buy anything for anyone, and Thanksgiving.. while the food is good, is just a hassle and someone always ends up puking.

I love all the spooky goings-on, scary movies, costumes, and of course, the candy.
The great thing about having kids is that you get to relive your yesteryear of Halloween goodness. I hadn’t been able to trick or treat in over 10 years, and I LOVE trick or treating. Holden’s first year was last year and he had an absolute blast.. not to mention he looked adorable. We dressed him up his first Halloween but he was only a month old so we didn’t have an excuse to go door to door and collect goodies.
Once he was actually able to walk, it was candy time. I’m pretty sure every house we went to knew he wasn’t going to be able to eat the candy.. but everyone lets it slide because seriously, how can you say no to a baby in a devil costume?

My kids won’t really be able to enjoy all the candy for a few more years, so Thomas and I will be reaping the benefits until then. The last thing I need right now is candy, but I feel like Halloween is a pretty good excuse to indulge in some tooth-rotting candy yummies.
I think i’ll be a little sat when he’s old enough to understand that he’s getting buttloads of candy for free that all technically belongs to him and won’t want to share it.. Though i’m sure i’ll be sneaking his goodies once he goes to bed and he’ll be none the wiser.

I was worried that the weather would be really shitty this year. Cold, maybe rainy.. and that while we’d still be able to take Holden trick or treating, one of us would have to stay home with Parker to keep him out of the cold- but so far the weather is looking like it will be pretty mild so both boys get to go.. and maybe we can mooch an extra bag of candy for Parker (aka: for us).

The costume choices for Holden were pretty disappointing though, I have to say. I had my heart set on this really awesome pirate costume for him but when we went to get it- it was sold out.. and in its place was a super cheap hideous pirate costume that I would be ashamed to put him in. The kids have to look awesome, it’s a must. Since I don’t dress up anymore (I really don’t have reason to go all out like I used to), I must live vicariously through them, so cheapo poopy costumes just won’t do.
We ended up with our second choice costume for him, Frankenstein. It looked awesome on the bag.. but the costume IN the bag.. was NOT the same. Sure, it looked the same.. but the quality was so far off from the picture on the bag that it’s laughable. I guess you’d have to see it to understand, i’m pretty pissed about it though. It’s still cute, but it would be a billion times cuter if it were what it was supposed to be. Grr.
Parker will be using Holden’s old costume and be a hotdog. Why let a perfectly good costume go to waste? I’d have loved to get him his own, so that Parker’s 1st Halloween pictures didn’t look exactly like Holden’s, but it was just too expensive to buy costumes for both kids this year so hand-me-down it is.
Hopefully he doesn’t scream the whole time we’re going door to door, and hopefully Holden doesn’t throw a huge fit over something totally trivial.. though even if they do- I think it’s nearly impossible to ruin Halloween for me.

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  • halloweens my fave too! and j will be wearing m’s old costumes until he can tell me what he wants to be

  • I hate that the costume was a cheap recreation of the one on the bag. PISSED!

    I think it should go quite well this year, Holden might actually be able to walk up to the doors himself (it might make the trip longer though).

  • I’m going to have a few pieces of candy myself! I think I deserve to have at least that much, but no more! One piece every other day if I feel like it. I’m sure D will take care of most it… 😛

  • i loooove halloween but am always sick. I think i got to enjoy it maybe 3 times when i was little. love the fact that i can take kyra around and eat some of her candy that she’s allergic to.