The funnest nights are the longest

If I had more energy.. and it wasn’t so late already i’d write my Halloween wrap up tonight- but it’s been an INSANELY long night full of walking, crying, falling, tantrums and plenty of smiles and I am completely wiped out.

Taking a toddler and an infant is nothing short of exhausting.
My feet are sore- and the backs are raw because stupid pregnancy inflated my feet and none of my shoes fit, and Parker won’t go to sleep, so my Halloween blog will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m off to try and force a child into submission and watch Ghost Hunters live.

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  • Can’t wait to hear about it! I’m trying to get a slide show put together for my next post. Well, it’s going to be two slide shows since I haven’t shared the zoo pics.

    I hope Parker calmed down and went to sleep. I was so tired when we got home that I was able to fall asleep almost immediately. Good thing since it was around 12:30…Uh, DST would have made that 11:30. Whatever. LOL