It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane, the stressful, the redundant, the drama-filled BS that you forget just how wonderful the little things are.

When it comes to an infant, all of those headaches from incessant screaming can instantly be wiped away when they do something for the first time.
The first time they stop crying instantly when you pick them up, the first smile, the first coo, first word, first kiss.. so on and so forth. As cheesy as it is, those are the things that can make your day, or even your week.

In our house, the reflux is at its absolute worst. Parker can’t even eat a bottle without going into a red-faced, super-sonic screaming back arching fit. The past two bottles have been basically absolute failures altogether. In other words- not fun, and very stressful.

Somehow in between shattering my eardrums with ear piercing screams and hiccup fits, Parker managed to start smiling.
Being the vomit-inducing gassy baby that he is, there of course have been hundreds of ‘gas smiles’, and those weird ones when babies fall asleep and their eyes roll back in their heads- plenty of those to spare too, but there had yet to be a time where I thought he was actually really smiling at me out of happiness instead of because he was farting in my hand.

Suddenly, a bad day went to good. I didn’t care about the screaming anymore, or that Holden was repeatedly trying to kick Parker in the head because he thought it was fun, or that he tried to crap his pants.. or the rank smell coming from Parker’s ass on a regular basis.. those few smiles turned the entire day around.

Now if only ALL of the screams could be replaced by smiles, my whole world would be a better place instead of just one day.. hopefully that will come with the medication change.

For now, I will have to just be happy with this:

Ahh… I feel better already.

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  • Oh, so cute I want to cry(really). It could just be partial emotions on my part, but we both know how cute Parker is. I felt a little better too after seeing that, thanks. 🙂