First outing

Today I did something I almost never thought I would do. I took both boys out of the house by myself.
It’s something I did not look forward to in the slightest. Both kids out in public with no one else to help me deal with them? Having Holden, who wants to walk everywhere now instead of sitting in a stroller, be able to wreak havoc and me not being able to do much about it because i’m lugging around Parker in his carseat? Did not sound appealing to me at all. Staying in the house was also not something that exactly sounded fun, but at least we were in a familiar place where I know Holden can’t get away from me, or pee his pants, or break anything that doesn’t belong to us.

It wasn’t what I would call fun, that’s for sure. A baby in a carseat is heavy enough by itself, but even harder when you have to try and figure out how to carry that in one hand, and try to hold a 2 year old’s hand with the other.

Holden was pretty well-behaved, thank God. He held on to my hand, didn’t try to run into traffic.. and the kid is seriously a slow poke so he wasn’t dragging me around.
If anything, the experience showed me how bratty other peoples’ kids are. Horrible thing to say, but so true.

In the waiting room at the doctor’s office (where we sat for over an hour.. I wanted to shoot someone), of course there were ridiculous amounts of other children. Holden was making friends with a little girl.. probably about 18 months old or younger- sweet as could be. He doesn’t know how to mind his own business. Wanted to be everywhere she was, playing with everything she was playing with- and the feeling was mutual.
Once she got called back for her appointment, we were left with two sisters. One was maybe 4, and the other around 1… both evil. Every time Holden wanted to show them something (which he loves to do), or even got NEAR them, they would go into super-brat mode and say “no! we’re playing!” and would insist that he go away. I felt so bad for him! And what were the parents doing? Nothing.
If Holden were to ever act like that (he hasn’t yet, he’s more the type to just snatch something away), i’d immediately correct the situation and tell him to share or to play nicely. It sort of shocks me when other parents don’t do the same. Why would you want to teach your children that that kind of behavior is acceptable? I’m a fan of the ‘hands on’ approach.

The only part of the appointment that was tricky was taking Holden to the potty. If it weren’t for the nurse who held Parker and took all of our crap to the examination room, i’m not sure how I would have pulled that off. Parker didn’t want anything to do with his carseat at that point, lucky me.

A doctor’s appointment was probably a good way to ease into taking the kids out by myself, because really there isn’t much to do. Get in the car, go, walk into the building, sit, get back to the car & go home. Done.
I could see trying to go grocery shopping with just them and myself being a whole other ballpark. Holden is one of those kids who absolutely has to touch everything on the shelves, and then put it all in the cart while i’m not looking. He also insists on pushing the cart.. and does not want to stop pushing when i’m trying to browse or when we’re waiting in line and throws ridiculous hissy fits when I tell him to stop. I don’t think i’ll be attempting one of those trips for a very long time.

If you’re curious as to how the appointment went.. well, I suppose it went just fine. Except for the fact that I gave all the wrong answers and now we’re going to have to call back again tomorrow. I had assumed this problem Parker is having is not a reflux problem.. and unfortunately I was wrong. I think I wanted it to be something else so badly that I made it fit. It was once I got home that I started seeing things as being reflux related once again. He isn’t just refusing bottles, he’s arching his back while eating- classic reflux. Watery poops? Maybe the one or two times that were stuck in my head, but the past few have been runny at most- definitely not watery. Yes, he’s incredibly gassy- and MAYBE he does need another formula.. but I think if his reflux meds were doing their job properly it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.
I’d much rather try a different reflux medication to see if that is the issue than change formulas around and have them do nothing. Change one, give it time, then change the other. Our pediatrican must be tired of hearing from us, and I can’t imagine she’ll be too pleased when we call back tomorrow and tell her we didn’t change formulas like she had instructed us to (she wanted us to go straight to hypoallergenic.. which in all honesty we can’t even afford), and instead we’re calling to tell her that we’d like to try a different medication first.
Oh well, that’s what they’re getting paid the big bucks for, right? Dealing with confusing and confused parents.

I was hoping after today things would be better.. but maybe tomorrow? We’ll see.

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  • That stinks! So happy Holden was good for you! Thank goodness for awesome nurses too. Yeah, the grocery store is a totally different field LOL.