Back arching fun for the whole family!

There are only three words that come to my mind right now: I hate reflux.

I am so exhausted it’s unreal. Dealing with a screaming child is the most tiring thing you can imagine. And not just a screaming child, but a screaming child in pain. Nothing seems to make them happy or comfortable, and once you think you find a position for them to sit or lie in without screaming.. they suddenly become squirmy and red-faced in that one too.

Parker was only mildly fussy for the whole day.. until it was time to give him his second dose of Axid (reflux medicine) and I realized.. we didn’t even have enough left for a full dose. Not even half of a dose. That’s when the fun started.
By the time we refilled the medication, his reflux was in full effect. He was crying, arching his back, unhappily spitting up, squirming- the whole deal.
I’d hoped that maybe the little bit i’d given him would keep him happy, that maybe his reflux wasn’t all that bad… wrong.
From 8:30 to about 10:30 he was totally miserable. At 9:30 we gave in and gave him what he didn’t get earlier and hoped it would kick in. Of course it took about an hour of rocking, switching positions, patting his back, bouncing him for him to finally fall asleep.

Now i’m just hoping he doesn’t scream all night long like Holden used to. It’s not so much Thomas or I that i’m worried about, I know we can handle it. I worry about Holden. We’ve found out already that he can’t sleep through a baby screaming bloody murder.. how in the world would he sleep through a baby screaming bloody murder for hours on end?

One unhappy kid- not ideal, but doable. Two unhappy kids? Not so much. I passed out on the couch early last night in a sitting position and that was after a mild day. I imagine i’d be a walking zombie after a night of two kids screaming in my ear.

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