Babies stress me out

It wasn’t that long ago that Holden was a newborn, but to me it feels like EONS. Somehow, in the short time from birth to now, I seem to have conveniently forgotten everything I knew about newborns, everything I dealt with when Holden was that little.. rendering me completely unprepared for all things Parker-related.

Sure, I remember the reflux, the screaming, the night feedings.. but I really forgot just how confusing infants really are. Holden’s been able to at least indicate what he’s upset about for months now, which has been a huge weight off of my shoulders.
I strongly dislike not knowing what is wrong with my child/ren. I don’t like to have to guess, I don’t like worrying and wondering and being stressed and confused because I can’t seem to fix the problem.

Holden had reflux so badly that really, that was all he seemed to cry about. Now, I have no idea if Parker is the same way since he does have reflux, or if he’s crying about something else.. because I never really had a child that cried for reasons other than pain. How often are babies supposed to cry? All babies cry, but what is the normal amount?

Does Parker have milk-mouth or thrush? We had the same problem with Holden and were convinced it was milk staining in his mouth for the LONGEST time, and by the time we figured out it was in fact thrush, he had it so badly that he was pooping yeast. Appetizing.
Now I look in Parker’s mouth and see white staining that once again, could be either.. and I know how hard it is to tell between the two so once again I am incredibly confused. Thrush can cause a hell of a lot of discomfort and pain (from what i’m told, it feels like getting a root canal with no pain killers)- could that be what’s making him so uncomfortable all the time?

Yes, he has reflux, but he isn’t ALWAYS arching his back or locking his legs when he’s crying.. and when he cries it always seems as though he’s in pain and not just crying because he wants to be held or wants a bottle..

I’m confusing myself just typing this post.
All babies should come with an instruction manual. Seriously. Or an easy button. Or some little machine to hook up to them like cars have where it spits out a report of everything that’s wrong. Babies shouldn’t have to suffer while we struggle to figure out what the problem is, that just doesn’t seem fair. What did babies ever do to anyone? Y’know, other than stretch out our stomachs and blow out our vaginas…
Due to that alone, they should just be peaceful quiet little angels, not squirmy painful-fart having constipated refluxing balls of scream.

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  • I think babies normally cry for 2 hrs a day, anything over 3 hrs is considered colic. When in doubt take Parker to the dr. if you think it’s thrush(prolly is).

  • don’t even get me started on how colic doesn’t exist!

    colic = lazy doctors saying “I don’t know what’s wrong with your baby so i’m just going to lump them into a pretend category so you stop bothering me with questions”

    if a kid is screaming for 3 hours and is inconsolable, something else is wrong.

    the ped. said a few days ago what’s in his mouth is milk mouth, they just look similar to me. Holden never had the ‘speckled mouth’ until he had god awful impossible to get rid of thrush

  • Colic = no one knows why they are crying…and that sucks!!!

    I believe my doctor said about 4 hours a day crying….but that is through out, not in one sitting.

  • I know Holden cried for like 7 hrs a day but for some reason I seriously can NOT imagine Parker crying for 4 hours. Or any baby for that matter.
    I don’t know how I did it then to be honest.
    I think Parker spends less than 10 minutes a day crying.. that might be because I usually snatch him up before he’s crying for longer than that as to not wake Holden, since nap time is the time he likes to start screaming.

  • Oh I totally agree with the whole lazy doctor thing about the colic….bunch of crap there is obviously something wrong that is making a baby cry like that.