1 month today

Anyone else finding it hard to believe that Parker is 1 month old today? Where the hell has the time gone??
Even though the days have been long and sometimes stressful, it definitely doesn’t feel like he’s been on this earth for a full month already.

It’s so sad to me that he’s already gone from being a teeny-tiny newborn into full-on baby status already.
When I took him to the pediatrician this past week, there was a brand new baby in the waiting room. It was at that moment that I realized how big Parker has gotten already. He trumped that newborn in size easily.
He’s already over 2lbs above his birth weight, which came as a huge shock. I knew he’d grown.. he’s nowhere near as easy to lug around the house as he was at first- but I definitely didn’t expect a 2lb weight gain at 4 weeks old.

With how quickly this first month has blown by, I have this feeling that if I close my eyes for too long, i’ll open them and he’ll be 6 months old. You never really realize just how fast they grow up until you’re in the thick of it. It’s a surreal feeling.
One moment they’re tiny and frinkly and sleeping all day.. and the next they are huge and fighting naps instead of falling asleep at the drop of a hat.

As much as i’m sad to see it go.. i’m also a little relieved for it to be going by so fast. Can thank reflux for that. The older he gets, the less his reflux will bother him until he goes away altogether- and that day will be an amazing day. Especially after a day like today where he decided to be awake for 4 hours and spent most of that time crying unless he was being bounced. I will not miss that at ALL. I’m also looking forward to him sleeping through the night. As breezy as the night feedings were at first, they have now become hell on earth because Parker has decided that going back to sleep afterward is overrated.

The bad thing about him growing up so fast? Soon enough, I fear that baby fever will rear it’s ugly head once again. It definitely did once Holden got a few months old. Right now I don’t even want to THINK about more kids- but when you see a tiny sweet little newborn and look at your kid, who is big and chunky and puking all over you.. you tend to miss those days. I’m going to hope that doesn’t happen. Of course, my brain always kicks in and says “bitch you’re crazy!” but that doesn’t stop the warm and fuzzies from taking over for a few minutes.

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