You can’t change my mind!

Since my disastrous appointment last week where the idea of induction was introduced into this pregnancy- it seems as though a majority of people I tell about it have the opinion that I should just deal with it, it ‘won’t be that bad’, and generally don’t really understand WHY it is that I don’t want an induction at all.
Most assume that it’s just for the pain factor since I had such a nasty experience with pitocin the last time around, but really, the pain is just a SMALL part of why i’m so against inductions.

Not that I feel like I have to justify myself, i’m far past that point and I really don’t care what anyone thinks at this point about how I feel or what I do- but I feel like I should explain because inductions suck, and unless absolutely medically necessary should be avoided at all costs for so many reasons OTHER than pain.

Ladies, there is a reason your kid hasn’t come screaming into this world yet. It’s true when they say that when your baby is ready- labor will happen. Maybe they aren’t fully developed yet, they need more time to really get ready for the world. Early babies in general have a harder time adjusting to being outside of you. Trust me, I KNOW pregnancy is miserable, I know it sucks, I know it’s painful, and I know you’re done being pregnant- i’m there too.. but if cooking this kid a little longer and being in pain for a few more days means a healthier child, i’m all for it. I don’t want my baby spending ANY time in the NICU or having ANY complications because I just got sick of being pregnant and begged for an induction.
More and more often I have friends being induced early for NO medical reason at all. I swear it’s because doctors have become really freaking selfish and lazy and don’t want to be called in on a weekend to deliver your child when he or she is good and ready to come. It just seems wrong to me. Again, I understand how uncomfortable being pregnant can be (I happen to think I have god awful pregnancies and i’m still dealing with it like a trooper).. but that baby is still in you for a REASON. Let your kid cook if it wants to cook unless keeping them inside of you is hurting YOUR health.

Did you know that something like 65% of all inductions fail and end in c-sections? Sure, natural labors can end that way too, but it isn’t nearly as common as when being induced.. because your body just isn’t ready to pop that kid out and doesn’t want to be forced to do so.
Not only that, but when you get stuck on a pitocin drip and go from 0-full on contraction ontop of contraction labor, your body just doesn’t have the time it would if you naturally went into labor to produce the adrenaline and hormones needed to properly be able to handle the pain. This caused my blood pressure to rise to 200/100, almost giving me a stroke. I know full well if it hadn’t of been for pitocin, I would have been able to tolerate my contractions a hell of a lot better. My labor was only 5 hours long, total. I’m not complaining, no one would want to be in labor for 15 hours plus.. but at the same time, my body just wasn’t ready for me to start pushing- my epidural didn’t get a chance to work.. so not only did I feel EVERYTHING, but I had to be snipped twice because my hooha didn’t get the proper time to… open up.. so to speak. Again, thanks to pitocin.

Of course I have my selfish non-medical reasons as well, and i’m allowed to have them.
I’ve been induced. It sucked. I had to lay in a bed for hours just waiting for something to happen. I don’t want that experience again.. I want the experience of not knowing, of randomly going into labor and the excitement and fear of rushing to the hospital. I want to have that story to tell. I JUST WANT TO DO IT MYSELF, DAMNIT! What’s so wrong with that?

So pardon me if I don’t understand when people don’t understand that I simply just don’t want to be induced.
I just hope this kid understands that and gives me a damn break and decides it’s his freaking time before I have no say in the matter at all.

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  • I completely understand you reasoning. I was there with ya being induced at 34wks, my body just wasnt ready to have a baby. Some 3 days later I had a C-section. She spent a lot of time in the NICU because of it. I ended up getting sick because of it and not healing well b/c I was worried for her. I’m totally against being induced unless medically neccessary and even then it doesn’t always work or make things better. So I totally agree with you 100%.

  • Okay, so maybe it’s a little harder for me to understand. When I went into the hospital for bleeding, I was already about 4 cm and 80-100% effaced(can’t remember that part now lol). I don’t know where you were in that sense, but my labor was about the same length as yours-maybe 30 minutes extra.

    I mean, there’s a lot going on that factors into all this. You can’t be pregnant forever(thank goodness, right, when you’ve dealt with so much already?). There is some concern for the baby’s health if the pregnancy goes on too long.

    I was just reading this page here:http://3dpregnancy.parentsconnect.com/calendar/41-weeks-pregnant.html and even though you’re not there yet-I still thought it was funny that they say to have sex 5/6 times a day. What stuffed turkey feeling pregnant lady is gonna be up for THAT?! I did have pineapple before Ally’s “labor” day lol!

  • The thing about it is- we were all induced for medical reasons (I was only a fingertip dilated with Holden). THAT I understand, when it’s yours or the baby’s health at risk.
    I don’t have chronic high blood pressure this time. I had TWO high readings, one of which went down after about 5 minutes when they did another reading before I left. Last week? They didn’t even try to check my BP again before sending me off to the hospital… but after only a few minutes of lying in that bed it was down to normal, so i’m guessing it would have been normal in the office.
    This time I do not believe inducing me is medically necessary at all, so I see it as more of laziness on the doctor’s part then being concerned for my health & well being.

  • Being induced for going later than 41 weeks is a medical reason because the babies health is at risk. THAT’S different. People getting induced at 39 weeks because they don’t wan to be pregnant anymore? SELFISH. I hate hate HATE women doing this and will tell them too. You’d think they’d be thinking of their baby right? bahhhh I can’t keep talking about this subject cuz it pisses me off. Let the child bake!