Yay for butt-swabbing!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end for me. The first of my ‘once a week’ vagina poking OB appointments. Bring on the naked from the waist down butt-swabbing cervix-checking string of visits that are coming my way.
As much as I do NOT enjoy hands digging around my vajay- it does mean that there’s not much time left in this horrid uncomfortable pregnancy. Light at the end of the tunnel, finally. I never thought i’d say I was ready for this kid to come, and maybe i’m still not fully prepared for this life altering event- but DAMN am I done being pregnant.

Last night I almost could not physically get myself out of bed to pee (3 or 4 times) because of the pain in my pelvis and the fact that my uterus gets seriously angry when my bladder has any amount of liquid in it whatsoever, leading to a nasty braxton hicks contraction.. and when you have to pee AND are having a braxton hicks- moving is pretty much out of the question.

The increasing intensity of pelvic pain is not going hand in hand with my extreme nesting urges. Today was the first day where I had to opt out of sweeping or mopping anything and stuck to just cleaning off countertops and changing sheets- and even just that was pushing it.
Then I had to sit back as Thomas basically tore the desk apart so we could FINALLY start really working on the nursery… I don’t like sitting back and watching, especially when it comes to the nursery, I want to be hands-on. I have a vision of how it should look, and it sure as shit better look that way!

So yes, if getting my butthole swabbed with a q-tip and my vajay crammed with cold hands and my cervix poked at means that this pregnancy is coming to a close.. bring it on. As if I really had a choice in the matter anyways, right?

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  • I didn’t totally destroy the desk moving it. It did get a little beat up on that top section (mainly because I didnt realize that it was screwed in. But, that leg was already broken).

    We just need to get the boxes in order, I think I am going to accomplish this task probably tonight.