When headaches aren’t just headaches

Tomorrow is my 38 week appointment with the doctor (technically i’ll only be 37 weeks 6 days, but it’s close enough). I’m not expecting any cervical change or really anything exciting at all to be progressing along.. but the closer I get to my due date the more worried I get about my blood pressure and the possibility of being induced.

By this time in my pregnancy with Holden, I already had repeated high blood pressures, repeated trips to L&D to be monitored, 2 appointments per week for non-stress tests and was on modified bed rest. It was hell on earth. Every time I go to the doctor now, I do a little dance when my blood pressure comes back normal because as i’ve said before- the absolute LAST thing I want is to be induced again (although it would make it easy to get someone over here to watch Holden without worrying about giving birth on my bathroom floor).

I know all the signs to watch for when it comes to hypertension, and I honestly haven’t had any of them. No headaches for no reason at all, no seeing spots, no protein in the urine. Of course there’s been some swelling but that’s to be expected when you’ve only got a few weeks left in pregnancy and most of your days are spent chasing a 2 year old around. When I look at pictures from Holden’s pregnancy, though, there is a HUGE difference in how much water I was retaining in my face to now. All good things.

The past 2 days or so, i’ve woken up with ridiculous headaches. Head pounding “I need an advil now” type of headaches (and I try to avoid painkillers while pregnant unless absolutely necessary). Most people wouldn’t be concerned, it could be attributed to a lack of sleep because i’m getting up about 5 times per night to pee, or Holden clanging his new set of pots & pans he got for his birthday.. but for me- my mind instantly starts thinking about hypertension all over again. I’ve been doing so good so far, and for my blood pressure to suddenly go in the crapper at the last second would be an enormous disappointment.

So i’ve made a decision, sort of. If I go to the doctor tomorrow and my blood pressure is elevated- you better damn well believe that i’m going to beg the doctor to strip my membranes to help push me into labor naturally. Sure, it might not work, I know a lot of people it didn’t do anything for- but also on the other hand, a lot of people it did work for. If I have hypertension, they’ll induce at 39 weeks anyways, so either way it would be going ‘early’.
I have no idea if my doctor will actually do this for me, especially since i’m not seeing either of the doctors who have a handle on my last pregnancy and all the crap I went through. I know my charts don’t say anything about my previous pregnancy, just this one.. so it might take some explaining and coaxing on my part. We’ll see what happens I guess.

If the blood pressure is normal, I have no problem waiting this out and seeing what happens. My main goal (other than a healthy baby of course) is to NOT be induced, and to not have the horrible INSANE labor I had last time thanks to pitocin. My pelvis is actually hurting less lately, even with my stomach getting bigger and finding it harder to move around freely and do any kind of bending- so that’s a plus at least.

Wish me luck!

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