Well hello there, stretchmarks. Not nice to see you.

If there is one thing I have obsessive tendencies about, it’s my skin. It’s pale, it’s sensitive.. and it gets mad at me very easily.
Due to all of these things, I figure the least I can do is take immaculate care of it in order to prevent stretchmarks as much as I possibly can.
I realize that if you’re meant to get them- you’ll get them no matter what you do since they are hereditary.. but I can’t help but to lotion up the ever-expanding areas with all kinds of ridiculous goop to convince myself i’m not going to get them.

During my pregnancy with Holden, I honestly didn’t get hit by the stretchmarks hard at all. There were a few here and there.. but they were all white in color (looking like i’d just laid out to tan wrong or something weird like that) other than the evil one creeping up and down from my bellybutton. It definitely could have been a lot worse considering how small I am and the lengths my skin had to stretch to fit a 7 pound baby underneath of it, so I chalked it up to a win.

I suppose a large part of me figured this pregnancy would be the same. My skin had already stretched out and back without much issue- shouldn’t it be able to do the same one more time?

My hips do not follow along that same line of thinking unfortunately. And since baby #2 is so low, I think they’re taking the brunt of the stretching.
Even with my compulsive lotioning regime, there are some nasty ugly dark stretchmarks growing on my left hip. I swear they’re laughing in my face. This has made me even more crazy about keeping my skin hydrated. That area gets a quadrouple dose of mega-greasy shea butter twice a day.
The worst, by far, is the stretchmarks that never went away on my bellybutton from the last pregnancy. It’s like a compass in the middle of my stomach, only it goes up and down. It basically looks like my stomach is splitting apart in the middle.. some kind of strange botched surgery scar. No matter what I do, how much I lotion, I can’t seem to stop it. It just gets longer and wider as the days pass.

I suppose I should be thanking my lucky stars that I only have a few that are pissing me off instead of looking like i’ve been attacked by a bear- but when you’re pregnant, every tiny little thing pisses you off. This is the one thing that I suppose literally gets under my skin.
Now I have to wonder just how weird this huge wide scar-looking stretchmark is going to look once i’m not full of baby & fluid(and that delicious placenta, how could I forget??).

Five more weeks and it’ll go all the way up and between my boobs. Maybe i’ll tell people i’m the living dead, and that this thing is my autopsy scar.
Believable, right?

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  • They can’t look worse than mine, so keep that in mind, even though getting them period sucks balls. And after I stretched like I did, even though I lotioned multiple times a day, I still stretched with Jamesen.

    I hope the one your talking about doesn’t look the gargantuan ones I’ve got on my sides! I hope you can keep them at bay for the next little bit!

  • Yeah, I believe that they are rather irritating. But, after looking at some that I have seen, you should feel real lucky. The attacked by a bear statement is a good analogy.

    I don’t think the one on your belly button should get much worse.