Weird uterine happenings

Some strange things are happening today y’all!

Actually, it all started VERY early this morning at about 2am when I was desperately trying to fall asleep after the longest day ever.
As Dave Chapelle would say “I felt the bubblin’
I really thought i’d kicked the whole shitting my intestines out for no reason thing, it’s been a couple of weeks since it’s happened. Last night was bad. More painful than usual in the stomach region. Obviously, I was not pleased. I’m so sick of getting sick, especially after a day like yesterday it was the last thing I needed.

Then, this morning, I awoke to by FAR the worst pelvic pain i’ve ever felt. I could hardly even walk, which may be attributed to how much time I spent on my feet yesterday, who knows. Somehow the nesting bug hit me (which i’m still feeling now but not giving in to) and I went to town on getting Holden’s clothes OUT of the changing table and into our old dresser.. which meant I had to take our clothes OUT of the dresser and put them in the one we refinished that’s been sitting empty in our room for about 2 weeks now. I haven’t really felt the urge to nest like that since the very beginning of this pregnancy. Sure, I like to shop for baby shit as much as humanly possible, but as far as actually ORGANIZING it?? Psh. That never gets done.

All day long I keep feeling like I need to pee but then going and hardly anything comes out. Not even enough to tint the water (if my pee were yellow.. considering all I really drink is water I basically pee water) which makes me think baby is VERY low. I need to stop saying he can’t possible get lower because he always does and I always end up even MORE miserable than before.

If all of that wasn’t enough- add in the shooting, sharp pain through my pelvis that makes my right leg go completely out. At one point trapping me in the kitchen because I couldn’t walk in fear of falling on my fat ass. Baby is literally ON my nerves. I don’t typically yell out in pain but every time this happens I find myself letting out an audible and very loud “OW!” (which Holden feels the need to repeat). Not a fun feeling at all.

Think i’m done? Nope. I’ve got more.

We believe in the whole “if it’s yellow let it mellow” rule.. mostly because our toilet sucks ass and runs if you flush it.. so at one point earlier this evening Thomas called me into the bathroom and said “are you bleeding??”
Umm… not that I know of?
There was pink on some toilet paper floating around. No guarantee it was from me but I have no idea what would be pink in the toilet otherwise. Could Holden secretely be applying pink lipstick and then wiping it off and tossing it in the pot before I can catch him? I don’t think so.
I’ve been watching very cautiously since and haven’t seen any more. Strange.

As far as braxton hicks? Of course i’m still having them- that never changes. They aren’t any worse than the past couple of days.. that’s not to say they aren’t bad. Just not worse.

Combine all of that with the fact that the past few days Holden has been MEGA clingy and whiny, freaking out over anything and everything for no reason at ALL, and the weird ass ‘doom and gloom’ dreams and it seems like something strange is going on around here.

Then again, I could just be reading way too much into everything. I’ve always thought that regardless of how much pain i’m in or how many braxton hicks that I have, that this baby will not remove himself from my insides without force- but it’s impossible to say what’s really going to happen. Only he knows for sure.
He should also know that just because Holden’s birthday PARTY is over does not mean Holden’s BIRTHDAY is over, and that if he tries to come on Holden’s actual birthday…
Mama will not be pleased!

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  • Wow looks like you’re having trouble with baby #2! Kinda scares me a bit. I’m pregnant with my first and everything that’s going on is just new to me. I read a lot of stuff on the internet though just to keep me aware of what’s happening and what’s yet to come. I’m 19 weeks pregnant right now and I’ve just started feeling the “real” kicks and now I can tell gas from baby kicks. Haha.. Just thought I’d share that with you.

    I find your experiences really interesting and informative. I’m a fan!

    Good luck with having baby #2! I think you’ll be having him in no time. 🙂

  • first pregnancies are always confusing! Had a lot of alarms with my first (and a few complications as well), but now all the stuff just annoys me lol.

    Have you tried joining a mommy forum? Justmommies is a VERY informative place to be and they have a board just for women due the same month as you- they kept me from going totally insane during my first pregnancy