"So when are you due?"

The never ceasing question. You will probably be asked when you are due more then you will be asked ANYTHING else during your pregnancy.
Family, friends, strangers alike.. and sadly, they more than likely will ask you more than once. If I had to garner up a guess.. it will be more like 5 times. Per person.
Some due to forgetfulness, can’t expect everyone to remember the day your little precious is supposed to come into this world- but some will ask because they magically expect your due date to suddenly change.

For those who are not in the know- due dates typically do not change after the first trimester. Hell, they really don’t change after the 2nd ultrasound, which for a lot of ladies is around 8 weeks in.
These days, the first ultrasounds are pretty accurate.. BUT.. when it comes down to it- it’s called an ESTIMATED due date for a reason. It’s nothing more than an educated guess. I’ve known more women to go a few days before or a few days after their due dates then directly on them. Just not super common.

My Dad, bless his heart, is the worst offender of asking when I am due repeatedly. I think every time I talk to him he asks something along the lines of “So, baby still coming on the 8th?”
And every time I tell him,
! I have no idea. It’s just a guesstimate. He will come when he wants to come. He’s not going to come on the 8th just because the doctors say so.’
And they don’t even say so for the most part. They’re waiting for the ball to drop just like I am. They know that it will most likely be around the 8th, and that’s it.

Hell, I technically have two different due dates right now if you want to get down to specifics. By my last menstrual period (LMP), I was due 2 days ago.

You just have to give in and accept that baby is going to come when baby wants to come and there’s not really much you can do to change it. Your due date is not set in stone, it’s at BEST an estimated guess. If you happen to give birth on your due date, consider yourself lucky- you got to know all along what your kid’s birthday would be! Holden was due on something like September 23rd and his birthday is the 17th. had I not been induced.. he’d probably have been born on the 30th.
There are no guarantees in baby birthing land. You can choose to be nice and answer the question over and over and over.. or try and tell people that it’s called an ESTIMATED due date for a reason, though that probably still won’t stop people from asking you again.

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