Lately i’ve been reconnecting with a lot of old friends from highschool. Oh, the magic of Facebook!

It’s funny because there are some that I would expect to have been married with kids a LONG time ago, and the ones I least expected to have a family are the ones with the most kids. Goes to show you that highschool is really not an accurate representation of what someone will become in their future years. Everyone’s so busy trying to impress and not flunk the hell out.. and just generally being douchebaggy morons (myself included) that you rarely see a true personality through all of it.

I honestly can’t count the number of times I have been told by friends that have known me for a long time that they can’t believe i’m married with kids- they never thought they’d see the day.. or they thought i’d be one of the LAST to ‘settle down’, and before Holden I definitely would have agreed with them. Even now- me? with two kids? Who ever saw that coming??

With my current ‘circle of friends’ I made after my highschool years, I feel like the odd-one out. While a lot are getting married, very few have kids, even fewer have multiple kids- and the looks I got when I took these steps? Well, if looks could kill…

It’s been nice to find people my age, who I used to know (and am re-getting to know) who have families just like mine. I don’t feel like such a psycho or alone anymore- always a good feeling to have. My experience in the past has always been that making big life changes will usually push ‘friends’ away, so maybe now it will be the opposite and i’ll make some good ones with one BIG thing in common- ankle biters.

In other news- It’s JUST MY LUCK that the day after I ordered Holden’s birthday party supplies on Ebay (impossible to find in store), someone on freecycle offered up a bunch of extras from HER son’s 2nd birthday.. and the seller on Ebay isn’t letting me cancel my order so now i’m going to have maybe 10 people show up with how things are looking about supplies for 50. ACK!
Anyone wanna come to a Nemo party??

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  • Rekindling has become surprisingly easy nowadays. Beats that old pen pal crap (now you get carpal tunnel instead of a cramp).

    I agree though. It’s weird to see the people that ended up married/divorced/single/with children from high school. I think people always thought that I was ready to just get into marriage and kids, so I wasn’t so much of a shock. But, there are some major surprises in my high school circle.

    Wonder what the reunion will be like.

  • YOU? they expected YOU to settle down right out of highschool? did they know you? mr “I don’t like to plan even a year into the future”?