Praise Jeebus, it’s OVER!

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE planning & throwing parties? It really just isn’t for me. I find it stressful and exhausting (which I think is well documented in previous posts on this very blog) and other than the satisfaction of a job well done I don’t find much that’s enjoyable about it.. especially the money spent to even put a shindig on.

Words can not describe how HAPPY I am that Holden’s party is finally over with and I don’t have to worry about planning anything else for at LEAST another year. Somehow I always tend to forget just how much work goes in to putting together a nice party until the day before and I have WAY too much left to do.. this time was worse, and not just because i’m huge, pregnant, and have a hard time walking.
Thomas and I, being the mega-procrastinators that we are, left it to the last second to get Holden’s big present- a fish tank. We had hoped one on freecycle would come through but unfortunately the people who had kindly offered a tank to us couldn’t get it to us before the big day.. and the only reason I THREW a Nemo themed party in the first place (instead of Cars like we had originally planned) was because he’d be getting that gift.. so what’s the point of the party without having the actual gift there?

This lead to us running around from about 10 this morning until after noon finding the best (read: cheapest) 5 gallon fish tank.. and a fish we could convince Holden was “Nemo.” The kid is too smart for his own good, even the fresh water equivalent of the clownfish didn’t fool him. We finally found the ONLY other fish he’d call Nemo and scooped it up, as well as the fresh water version of the character “Scar” as well. He is enamored.

I won’t even go into the rest of the crap we had to do before people started showing up.. but calling it a clusterfuck would be the understatement of the century.

My feet hurt, my back is killing me, and my toes have once again transformed into little red sausages- but I think Holden had a blast and has been loving playing with his loot all day long- and that’s really what matters, right? It’s too bad he won’t remember this party to appreciate it and pamper his mommy later down the line! That is why I took an asinine amount of photos.. to remind him of what an awesome Mommy I am. It’s my form of blackmail (well, next to the poop pictures and pictures of him streaking naked through the house.. or the one of him wearing my bra…. But you get the point).

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