Night Terror

There is something about the evening hours that really brings out the worst in this pregnancy, and evil womb baby takes full advantage.
His movements get more forceful, he gets hiccups repeatedly, and generally feels like he’s trying to dig his way out of me through my ribs. And that’s not even the worst of it.

The worst is the decline in how I feel as the night drags on. Either i’m getting sick, or clutching my stomach in pain because of braxton hicks hell.. and every night it only seems to get worse and more confusing for me as my due date quickly approaches.

While I avoided my one-on-one time with the toilet last night, I was having some SERIOUS (what I thought were) contractions. Nothing that had me doubled over in pain and considering calling my doctor, but enough to make me think it could be early labor. Sharp, forceful tightening in my uterus. Not that I would have protested if it WAS labor after I noticed the family of new stretchmarks making a home on the evil underbelly after writing the blog last night.
They were totally irregular and didn’t increase in intensity, so while I was keeping track of them- I pretty much knew nothing would come of it.

Tonight is starting to go downhill pretty early. Could it be a tummy dump before a baby dump? Meh, I guess.. but my bet is that my irritable stomach didn’t agree with the leftover mexican lasagna we ate for dinner (even though it didn’t bother me the first time we ate it at all).
I’m gonna just put this out there: I AM SO SICK OF POOPING.
my insides… and outsides… can’t take much more before I just fall apart. And I have an odd fear of pushing (if you get my drift), my mind goes straight to accidentally pushing a baby out into the toilet along with everything else coming out. Ew. Babies are already covered in nasty goop when they flop out of you, the last thing they need added to that is ‘doo’ (as Holden would call it).

I’m going to cut this blog short because i’m finding it hard to write a cohesive post in between running back and forth from the bathroom.
Methinks it’s going to be a long night.

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  • hmmm… sounds promising! I honestly think you’re going to go soon! I had to poop while in labor with Jamesen and I was so scared I was going to push him out in the toilet, lol! Didn’t happen but thanks to that I didn’t poop on the table!

  • Have you considered a C-section? I know it costs a lot more and the pain lasts for days and days after giving birth, but in your case, it seems to be a good solution to end all the suffering once and for all! You seem to be going through a lot more than you can handle! I’m really sorry you’re having a difficult time before baby #2 comes out… I hope you feel better soon and I hope you’ll have a safe delivery. Take care!

  • I would never in a million years consider a c-section unless absolutely medically necessary- not to mention your doctor won’t just give you one (unless you’re christina aguilera in fear of your poor hooha tearing).

    c-section recoveries are a LOT harder than vaginal birth recoveries. a LOT harder.

    the end of pregnancy, sadly, is meant to be absolutely miserable.

  • oh, and the pain from a c-section lasts for months. vaginal delivery is days-weeks (well, in my case 2 months, but there was no incision to keep clean so I consider it a win)

  • C-Sections are pretty much out of the question. I know your stance on them.

    This pregnancy has been very difficult. A lot of “normal” pain. 17 days and counting.

  • I wouldn’t say they’re out of the question exactly- because if worse comes to worse and it’s an emergency, what’s gotta happen has gotta happen regardless of what I want

    but given the choice i’d take vaginal delivery ANY day