The never ending question

Braxton Hicks, or contractions? I swear sometimes it can be nearly impossible to tell.

I definitely thought with what I went through during Holden’s pregnancy that I would for sure know the difference this time around.. and i’ve done pretty well so far. Have managed to not overreact and have kept myself out of going to unnecessary doctors appointments and ridiculously long and pointless trips to L&D, but there have been a few times that have made me wonder.
Usually a braxton hicks contraction, while painful and very uncomfortable, doesn’t last long.. and doesn’t make you lose your breath from the amount of pain it causes. They can even be regular just like contractions. This causes a TON of confusion for a lot of women, and much like my first pregnancy, a lot of worry and running to the doctor when absolutely nothing is happening in the cervix area.

I can’t really say that I truely know what a ‘beginning of labor’ contraction feels like, because I never experienced that. Pitocin made my labor come on in full swing instantly, there was no working up from the bottom.. if that even happens, I honestly don’t know.

Tonight, for about an hour, I thought maybe I might actually be in early labor. I had a lot of uterine tightening, much like a contraction or braxton hicks.. but a LOT more painful than my normal braxton hicks are. Along with that, I had pressure in my hoo-ha area. That was the most concerning part to me. Instead of just being uncomfortable, the pain was sharp. So sharp that at times it felt like my right hip would give out. PLUS, baby was being more active than usual and it seriously felt like he was taking his sharp pointy little baby nails and trying to dig his way out of my cervix. THAT is always a fun feeling.

I’m wondering if i’m going to be dilated at all at my next appointment. I’m pretty sure that’s when the fantastic cervix checks begin. I know i’m getting my butthole swabbed.. totally looking forward to that.
My bet, and i’d put money on it.. is that I am closed up tight. It would figure that all this pain and cervix scratching isn’t doing anything.

I’ll end up in active labor one of these days and only getting to the hospital soon enough to push this kid out in the hallway with baffled nurses standing around yelling at me NOT to push, because i’ll have NO idea that i’m actually in labor until it’s too late.

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  • Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, jamie’s pissed.

    It sounds like early labor. What you described right there is exactly what happened to me the last couple days of my pregnancy. My contractions were never regular. but they had a pattern.

    what you need to look for is not that one set of contractions being regular, but how they are compared to your other sets. Mine would be. the first two were 8 minutes apart, then the next was ten minutes after, the next 12 minutes after, etc until they tapered off completely.

    The next set started at 6 mins apart, then to 8 etc and so on and the time between the sets were getting closer and closer.

    i had like 3 days of this and then they changed to first two were 8 mins apart, 6, 4, 2, 8, 6, 4, 2 [not quite as nice as that, but it was a pattern like that] which is when i counted my active labor as starting.

    There was even one point in active labor where my contractions all the sudden slowed to half an hour apart.

    That’s my experience with Jamesen. i wasn’t dilated at all the day before but from 9pm to 2 am I got to a four while in active. HOpe that helps a little bit…

    marcus’ labor started instantly too so Jamie’s was really weird to me 🙂

  • complicated!! let me just hope that my water breaks so I know for sure something is really going on lol

  • Let’s hope it;s just a cruel joke. This activity is just some way that he is toying with us.

    Earlier today I did get kinda nervous when you said that they were more painful than the BH. That worries me because it could be active labor.

    You stay in there little buddy!

  • worried.. yet i’m still expected to do all the cooking & all the dishes or I get bitched at.

    cause that makes sense.

  • I had a lot of pressureful BH. The only time I KNEW KNEW when the contractions were real contractions and not just ha-ha-lets-piss-you-off-and-trick-you contractions was when they started being regular for HOURS and getting closer together. And also, the real ones put a lot of pressure down there. More so than the “pressureful” BH did.

    I didn’t believe I was in labor for awhile this time around.

    And remember, prodromal labor can last for WEEKS (It did here).