Getting my bags packed

Being a procrastinator is never really a positive thing, but usually it’s pretty harmless as long as things get done eventually. I’m not in school, I don’t really have deadlines to worry about.. so everything I don’t get done is really just my problem and no one elses, and effects no one but me.

I have been seriously slacking on getting my bags ready for the hospital. Most women I know get them ready probably a month in advance, ‘just in case’
me? I still don’t have MY bag packed. Baby’s bag only got half packed last night, and honestly I probably wouldn’t have even started if I weren’t determined to get him out of me by Wednesday (because i’m pretty damn sure if he isn’t out by Wednesday on his own terms, he’s going to be evicted by my doctor and a hefty dose of pitocin).

Holden’s hospital bag got packed literally the night before he was born- which was scheduled.
I’m just a slacker.

I’ll end up randomly going into labor when I least expect it and forgetting EVERYTHING. Even though I wasn’t running around the house last time around and had all the time in the world to logically and calmly pack my bag- I still forgot… pretty much all of the important stuff.

I’ll let you know one thing you will ABSOLUTELY need:
Bathroom supplies. Hospitals are not like hotels. They don’t have the things you need to wash all the gunk and blood off of your thighs like you might think they do. They might have some crappy bar of soap if you’re lucky- but they won’t have anything other than baby shampoo, they won’t have a razor or a toothbrush or toothpaste. If you think you won’t be taking a shower while you’re there (somehow I didn’t think I would), think again! You WANT to take a shower. You NEED to take a shower. You may not feel up to it, but you will definitely feel better afterwards. After being stuck on bed rest for over a day after giving birth, while the shower was painful and I cried most of the way through it- I definitely felt like a new person once I was done. If only i’d had my razor or some real shampoo to compliment that feeling.

The hardest part right now about trying to get my bag together.. is that i’m still USING everything i’ve written down that I want to take with me, so i’m probably still going to end up forgetting crap. We aren’t less than a mile down the road from the hospital like we were last time, so it’s going to be a lot harder to just have Thomas run home and pick things up.
The only thing I can put in my bag that I don’t need are my fuzzy purple socks- brought to me by a friend while I was in labor last time (’cause please, like I thought to take socks?) They are warm and fabulous, and no one wants to walk around barefoot in a hospital.

While I still have this sinking disgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach that this kid won’t be coming out without force.. I am TRYING to be an optimist and hoping that he either comes by his own free will in the next 3 days, or that I somehow manage to get OUT of being induced by having fantastic blood pressure at my next appointment.

Either way, the bags have gotta get packed.. so I have my check list ready for when the time comes- whenever that may be.

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  • I didn’t pack my bag until the minute I decided to go. Write a list of everything you need and stick it on the fridge and just grab it all when you go out the door. The fact that I was using all my stuff still is what kept me from packing my bag until then

    seriously, pressure points! try it! the one between your thumb and finger is the one that got me going!

  • You could pick a spot in the house to keep the items that you’re using. Maybe that way you could just throw them in the bag and go when it’s time. Better than having it spread all over the house and forgetting something in a frenzy, I guess!

    I hope things work out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. I can’t wait to see him!!