False Alarm #1

Having had no experience going into labor on my own, I honestly have no idea what to expect if/when I go into labor this time around. How will I know the real thing from braxton hicks? Will it start off hitting me like a jackhammer in the stomach, or slowly build its way up? Will my water break, or will it have to be broken?
I’m pretty stressed out about the whole thing, and every braxton hicks I get makes me wonder if it’s actually a contraction and if the next will be more painful.

My goal this time around has been not to be an alarmist. I don’t think every little leak I have is my water breaking, and most of the braxton hicks I get I can just ignore and go about my business.
The pelvic pain has unfortunately gotten so bad that i’ve had to stop exercising altogether, but I suppose this might allow me to know that the pain i’m experiencing isn’t from over-working myself.

Today was the first time I actually got concerned that I could be in labor.

Right before nap time with Holden, he decided it would be a good idea to body slam my belly with his head. Luckily, his 33 pounds didn’t land directly on the center, but he clipped a good portion of the right side of my stomach causing me to scream out in pain. Of course, I was not happy about this (I may have cried.. can not confirm or deny that), but since baby continued having the hiccups and beating my insides and there was no leak of any kind of fluids, I figured all was ok and went ahead and took a nap with Holden.
I woke up in more pain than usual. So bad, in fact, that I couldn’t even lift my right leg while walking. Had to drag the stupid thing around like Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Eegore. Other than that, I was feeling pretty good.

About an hour later, the nausea kicked in. And not the night-time sickness I get where i’m empting out my insides into the toilet for an hour.. but the feeling that I desperately needed to throw up. Drinking water didn’t help, really only made the feeling more intense. Then came the headache, dizziness, pain in my stomach/uterus area, and extreme anxiety. I literally could not hold still. No position was comfortable to sit in, nothing made me feel better.
A feeling started to arise in the pit of my stomach that this might actually be ‘it’. It would totally figure that this kid would wait until the day after Holden’s birthday to decide to make his grand entrance, and on ‘Talk like a Pirate’ day no less.

After about two hours the nausea subsided, but brought along a string of pretty nasty feeling braxton hicks. Nastier than usual. Another sign to me that it might have been the beginnings of real labor.

Still, not being an alarmist, I decided to wait it out and see what happened.

Probably a good thing I did, because obviously, since i’m sitting here writing this blog now- nothing came of it. I’m still having sporadic braxton hicks that are about twice as painful as usual, but nothing consistant.
Frustrating to say the least. Pregnancy really shouldn’t be this confusing. There should be a sign that pops out of your hooha that says “HEY! LADY! THIS IS LABOR. GET YOUR FAT ASS TO THE HOSPITAL” instead of playing this ‘is this or isn’t it?’ game for weeks.

I’m still keeping a watchful eye on things just in case, but my guess would be this is just the first of many false alarms to come.

Just in case, I think it’s finally time to get the nursery DONE- once and for all.
Now.. if only I could peel myself off of the couch in order to actually follow through with that statement.

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  • So if you want to go into labor… Holden should headbutt you? It wouldn’t be good if he did that and caused the leech any pain though.

    I’m sorry you were hurting so badly. I really don’t see how your doctors consider that much pain to be normal. Maybe it’s because you’re so thin? Still, to make someone continue to go through such excruciating pain is almost…barbaric.

    I hope things happen for you naturally. Sooner rather than later, so you can get some relief. I know it will take some getting used to, but surely you will feel a million times better after he’s out compared to how you feel right now!! **Hugs!**

  • Lots of sex and walking did it for me. No joke. I knew I was in labor because the contractions were coming consistently 7 then 5 then 3 minutes apart with growing intensity. It was also really hard to talk through them. Basically, my unsolicited advice is to just call them and talk to ob triage. Be honest about what is going on and then they will tell you whether or not to come in. Sorry you’re in so much pain. Hopefully it will be over soon!

  • It might be early labor. Mine [like… 30 something hours before I popped him out] were like what you are describing. Keep an eye on it. And your cotnractions don’t have to be regular for you to be in labor. Mine never were with J. Not even when I was on pit for the last tiny little bit were they regular.

  • I tried LOTS of the age-old tricks with Holden. sex, walking, spicy foods.. nothing would make him budge. only succeeded in making my face more swollen haha

    have done some walking today and i’m having far LESS braxton hicks than usual. so.. either it was mega false alarm or the calm before the storm.

    I did almost finish the nursery last night so…we’re ready!