Double edged sword

After tomorrow, i’m done. No more hoping for October (ok.. a little bit of hoping for October), no more joy in pregnancy at all- just done.
After being sick for 3 days in a row, hardly being able to walk yesterday and having this kid sit on the nerves to BOTH of my legs causing them to go out from under me and trapping me in the kitchen, not being able to sleep last night and being in so much pain today that Holden was beating ME to the bathroom and waiting on me to get there so he could take a piss- i’m done.
As long as this kid waits until after tomorrow, which is Holden’s actual birthday that he should not have to share, I will be a happy camper.

I don’t think anyone should be this miserable when growing their spawn. It should be a time of enjoying the massive firm boobs while eating a huge icecream sundae just because you can. Not a time of grabbing your crotch in pain because your child has decided that putting all of his or her weight directly on the nerve is a fantastic position to be in.

And then I start to really think about it.. because not being pregnant means having another baby in the house. A screaming “I need to eat every 2 hours” pooping, “please hold me all the time” baby. And I still wonder if i’m really prepared to handle that. If Holden weren’t around, sure. Simple. But Holden AND a newborn? Eehhh.. debatable. I’m sure i’ll get the hang of it, after a while.. and maybe a mental breakdown.. but now? Hell, even a week from now? It’s still a thought that completely terrifies me.
Not that I have a choice. I don’t know when he’s coming. It could be in a few hours, it could be in a month- he’s coming and there’s no stopping it.

Jenny Mommy of 2? Ack.
Allow me to crawl back onto the couch and keep this child baking… until he’s 18.

Posted on September 16, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • at lest it isnt too much longer!

  • I can honestly tell you, from experience here… it’s better to get the kid out sooner because then they get a personality sooner. The longer you stay miserable and pregnant, the longer your kid takes to get to where he can start being left in his swing for a few minutes while you feed the toddler or sit him under his play gym, etc. the baby being OUT is so much better because you can actually chase the toddler around again. That’s a good feeling.