Diet and Exercise don’t work


Ok, that isn’t really what i’m going to write about but i’ve seen enough of the commercial that I can’t get it out of my head.
I don’t know anything about weight watchers, so just wipe that out of your memory. The first part of the statement holds true though.. at least when you’re pregnant.

If you’ve kept up with the blog during this pregnancy of mine, you know that one of my main goals other than keeping my blood pressure down is NOT to gain a bazillion pounds like I did during my pregnancy with Holden, because i’m just not going to have the time or energy to spend 40-some weeks to work it all back off again.

First trimester went well, I hardly gained any weight.. Hell, I think I came out even, but that is thanks in part to the vile stomach flu I came down with. Morning sickness might be a pain in the ass, but at least you’re puking up all the extra calories that could turn you into a roving landbeast down the line.

Lately.. no matter what I do, how healthy I eat, how much I exercise even though my pelvis is begging and screaming and aching for me to just sit on my widening ass and do nothing- the weight is piling on.
In fact, I think I may end up gaining MORE in this pregnancy than I did with Holden- and with Holden I shoveled goodies into my mouth on a daily basis and washed them down with McDonalds milkshakes.

Is that the key? Just giving in to every whim and stuffing your face and somehow you won’t get fat during pregnancy? Does your body decide it wants to play ‘Opposite Day!’ for 9 months and fruits and veggies are the things that will make your thighs balloon until you’re bleeding from chub rub and getting athletes foot under your boobs from sweating because they’ve gotten so big?

Not that i’ll complain if that’s the case.. but it would have been nice to know beforehand because i’ve been pretty much killing myself to be healthy this whole time with negative results.

Pregnancy sucks! I give up. Milkshakes for everyone!!!

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  • Maybe you’re not eating enough?? Nah, that wouldn’t be it huh? lol I think I lost about 20 lbs immediately after Ally was born. It’s crazy how much everything weighs…baby, placenta, fluid!

  • I’m a staunch believer that you will gain whatever your body wants you to gain, regardless of what you eat, if you excercise, or really much of anything.

    This pregnancy was like the polar opposite from my pregnancy with Marilyn. I literally ate one meal a day, and that was pushing it because I had NO appetite and I only wanted to snack on crushed ice (yeah, that’s totally loaded with calories). I didn’t really even get any cravings.
    Compared to the voracious appetite I had with Marilyn and the numerous ice cream and cake cravings that I satisfied on a daily basis, you wouldn’t think that I would have gained the same. But I did. 63 pounds with Marilyn. 71 with Mallory (but I gained 11 in the last week because of water I think).

    So…go ahead….sit on your ass. Excercise only makes for bigger babies anyhow. 😀

  • Does exercise really make for bigger babies or are you just messin’ with me??
    cause.. if it does, I am stopping POST HASTE and sitting on my chunky butt until he decides he wants to get the hell outta me